Annoying Sayings : Phallic Phrases

Kali this is for you.

“That’s what they say”

Unless the subject group that they signifies has already been specified in the conversation then this is an annoying saying. It is also the root of this whole category seeing that many times the sayings that i am annoyed by are that much more annoying since the person saying it is only saying it because its what “they” say at times like when the person saying it chooses to utter the annoyance that is these sayings.

“Things are always in the last place you would think to look”

Why would you keep looking if you already found the thing you were looking for? This saying and any variation of it involving love, heartache, success etc is bull-dookie, unless before you begin to look you made a comprehensive list of where you would look or find said thing and then have that thing be found at the last place on the list.

“you only have one chance to make a first impression”

It is a first impression the singularity of the experience is already contained in it’s name. First impression, followed by a second and a third etc if your first one was good enough to warrant seconds… If you think about it a little more, when the phrase is uttered the one-ness of this first chance is not as guaranteed as advertised. I for one remember going to parties in college, having 15 minute to an hour discussions with someone and then walking by them the next day or so and having them act like we have never met. It took a while to realize that the people were usually blackout drunk, and did not remember meeting, so although it was the second time we met that was the first impression. yes yes i am the guy that would point out that it is only an impression if the lasting  memory is made so what the hell am i talking about but bleh the saying usually refers to a first meeting. Even if the person is not drunk, you may just be a forgettable person, so you could have the chance to make multiple ‘first’ impressions. So don’t worry.

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Basketball team wins 100-0 and is not happy with it!!!! I need a Doner kebap (gyro for all my american readers) . they’re my new favorite things, they’re like a burrito but turkish.


2 responses to “Annoying Sayings : Phallic Phrases

  1. Havent you heard of “second first impressions”?
    think about it…not too much causes brain to hurt.

    p.s. gyro is actually greek…kebabs are good but not nearly as good as the one made in greece. They cost 1.50 Euro and are heaven…of course souvlaki is waaay better.
    just a heads up


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