10 things I learned from Superman Returns

this is a little of a thievery of the 10 things i learned idea on the IMdB Message boards. Anyway I am in Turin and am trying to better understand Italian. To do so I have been watching a good amount of Italian television of which many a show deserves a rAnt of their own. Last night i watched Superman Returns for the 4th time, and the first time in Italian. Here is what i learned.

  1. You can hide your identity in an office-floor full of investigative journalists with mere spectacles, but children will see right through that isht.
  2. You can be a Super Man and still be a Dead-beat Dad.
  3. The ability to fly is not only convenient way of cutting down on your carbon footprint, it also makes home-wrecking much easier.
  4. One may not flinch at a bullet to the eye but a full-sized cutout of one’s boss is shocking at all times.
  5. No crime or wrong is below Superman’s concern, unless it happens while he is nerdorking it up at the Daily Planet.
  6. When leaving your bastard child and their dejected mother, Flying away is always a cooler option than leaving no note and slinking away in the middle of the night in your beat up 92′ Camry with plastic rims to go over to Brenda’s house.
  7. Parker Posey is still hott.
  8. Jimmy Olsen is as annoying as Parker is Hott
  9. Getting a weird tattoo on the back of your head is an invitation for getting a Grand Piano dropped on your head.
  10. Superman is Superman in Italian.

So thats it for today. I may do all my movie rewiews this way. So as for the little extra, As i said Italian TV deserves a rAnt. Big Brother is HUUUUUGE here, about as HUGE as the bust on one of the contestants, reality TV seems to run things here. Maybe it is the same in  America, i may not have noticed since i was not watching too much basic cable before I left. Anyway here is a funy article on the American Idol insanity click here


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