Summer Lovin’ Greasy Feeling…

Another rainy day. I am watching Grease. This movie is on, and about to be off my TV. So it’s supposed to be in a musical set in highschool, why do the characters look 35? Maybe people looked older then, due to the way they dressed and also lack of all the beauty care products  that people have now. Not to mention as the Vampire in “True Blood” said after Sookie Stackhouse (greatest character nae on any show eeeever, played by a very attractive looking albeit annoying Anna Paquin)was surprised at how his looking much older than his changing day ” Life was harder back then.” Also as i have pointed out before movies are not set in reality, otherwise thay would not be able to exist. That is all well and good, but this movie is still irking me, the short stubby guy has a 5 o’clock shadow that looks absolutely permanent due to the fact that he has probably been shaving almost twice as long as the number of years the character he is playing has supposedly lived. 

I am not sure I remember my first watching of this flick. I know many know of the songs, but how many remember sitting through the whole moovie?  Well outside the self styled Grease Aficionados who pride themselves on repeated viewings and such.I can not remember one time, this time one won’t be it either. The movie is crap. I can’t seem to get past the awful acting and age innapropriate characters. Once you get past the novelty of its ‘classic’ status you have to admit it’s kind of crap. I remember watching most of season one of Dawson’s Creek until I found out he was playing a 14-16 year old, while he in actuality was 23 . I know i have previously said that acting is acting. In this case as actors it shouls not matter who is playing them but the character they are depicting, it is acting after all. I doubt there were as many qualified young actors at the time either, just as in times before they used to use women to play the parts of young characters both male and female, for instance Peter Pan. Technically they could have all the men playing women and vice versa and it should still work it being acting and all and not really the people. This is not the real world by real world i mean reality, not the show “the real world” which is either a real depiction of a really shitty reality or an increasingly innapropriately named crapstravaganza of a show, if i 99yr old woman plays spider-man, the character your watching is still spider-man. Although it is not much to askfor the actors to convince me. Maybe this was satisfactory acting at the time but now, it is not. I dislike people holding on to the past and saying things like it was good for its time as a reason that the movie is good, the key words are “for its time” and being that it’s not it’s time now, the siht sucks. Or maybe this is somewhat how high-schoolers of that time acted, or at least a satire of it the way teen movies are now, or more fittingly, the way  high-school musical is now…I say this without having seen the 3 movies, I saw previews hated them, say advertising billboards hated them. Saw the characters on buses, hated them. Saw the nakey pics of that one girl in them, didn’t care for them too much (hard to hate female nudity). Saw pictures of the characters at certain events, hated them. Saw the South-park episode,  was humoured but hated it for making me imagine the crap that the movies obviously were. Ok, so many say, how can you say it sucks without watching it, and to you I say I don’t have to go skinny-dipping in Antartica with some Eskimo’s to know that isht would freeze my man-goods.

for something old that does not suck, follow Mr. Spoon t0 the Button Moon here is a full episode becasue i know you want it – to the official website




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