I F@&*ing Hate You, Keaunu Reeves!

is what lucy said and it was all i could manage to sarcastically say, as Neo took his shades off,  “He is such a great actor,” before bursting out in laughter. We were watching Matrix  Reloaded and  had arrived at the scene where  Persephone (portrayed by the ageless pouty beauty that is Monica Belluci) requests a kiss from Neo in order to get a ‘taste’ of the love that she and the Merovingian had long lost. Anyway this is not a review or a summary of the movie so ill get to the point. Keanu Reeves is not a good actor. Hell most of the Actors in Hollywood are not. I guess one could argue that this is all a matter of opinion, but even if so, it is my rAnt so here is my oPinion, boo on Reeves.


[ak-ting] Show IPA Pronunciation



1. serving temporarily, esp. as a substitute during another’s absence; not permanent; temporary: the acting mayor.
2. designed, adapted, or suitable for stage performance.
3. provided with detailed stage directions for the performer: an acting version of a play.


4. the art, profession, or activity of those who perform in stage plays, motion pictures, etc.

That is a definition of acting. The first description states acting is serving temporarily in anothers abscence. When it comes to entertainment we can say that the actress/actor temporarily serves as the characters they are playing in said film, tv show, play etc. So in the case of Keanu Reeves…when i watch a movie wiht him in it. I find myself thinking there goes Keanu Reeves way more than i think there goes (insert name of character). Pretty much i would like the acting to be convincing, to be a good temporary of the character. I know that it is Person acting, but it is not a lot to ask that the only time I think of them by actual name a few scattered times between the opening and closing credits roll and i think, “Ed Norton was great as Derek.”

I have argued this point before, with my good friend CJ. You can be ‘succesful’ at something without being good at it.  .The Entertainment Media business is about profits, much like every business is. So one can be considered succesful without being all that good at the entirety of their craft. The argument was on now Goverernor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. We may have just watched one of his movies but that is not important, what is is that CJ had just said that Arnold was a good actor. I imediately disagreed. CJ went on to say ask me how Arnold’s movies could make soo much money if he was not a good actor. I answered by explaining that i never questioned the mans ability to entertain. He was fun to watch, I like millions of others have enjoyed many of his movies. That fact however,   did not make him a  good actor. I used Brad Pitt’s potrayal of the Pikey in Snatch, ( I think it  took the second viewing of the movie to realize it was him, or at least well into the first viewing) Ed Norton as White Supremecist Derek in American History X and if i had seen it at that time i would have added Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler in Schindler’s List*. In the end we may have agreed to disagree…that may be another annoying saying, not quite sure yet with him conceeding that our definitions of acting were different so to him Arnold was still a good actor.

I’m winding this up now since class is about to start and i need to draw a few more poses of homer doing homeresgue isht. Do many of you think that Britney Spears or Ashlee Simpson would make it through to the end of American Idol? I do not, but they still go out and sell records and make money.


*the day of rememberance was on the 27th of January. It is a day to remember the horror that was the Holocaust. I was going to put this as a bonus but i think it should be on the main rAnt. If you have yet to see the moovie i implore you to right that unfortunate ommision on your part.

for the bat-bonus

i miss videogames



2 responses to “I F@&*ing Hate You, Keaunu Reeves!

  1. I disagree that you can be succesful at something and not good at it.

    You can’t continue receiving compensation if you’re not generating value. And the more people that derive value from something, your compensation will always match.

    Keep in mind though that to get to hollywood you’re *still* the cream of the crop.

    Granted you make the difference between “actor” and “entertainer” which is good. Also you can put in a subpar (relative to their standards or to the cream of the cream of the crops standards) performance. Eh, I don’t know if I’m talking semantics.

    I just don’t buy it when someone says something like, “oh, there’s a bunch of people in the hood in Chi-town that were better than Michael Jordan”. Potentially as good? Possibly. But you can’t say that conclusively.

    And there’s too many reasons to go into in the comments section as to why .

    – Will


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