Annoying Sayings : I am not racist but…

“I am not racist but…”

For those that do not know and wonder if as many statements are started with a version of those 5 words when people of the ‘same race’ are together, I am not Caucasian. There is a strong urge, among some people to state the fact that they are not racist. We can all agree that racism has been the cause of much strife and idiocy, and although it continues to persist, it is not as prevalent. When it occurs it is often not as brash and out in the open. This of course relates to most of the civilized world as they are by definition, civil.

I have heard the words and have yet to be offended by what followed. I mostly find it annoying that the person may think i would find them racist for saying what is usually a joke, an understandable question or harmless if not a little misguided observation. Chances are, if i’m hanging out with you I do not think you are racist or could care less if you were or are. Pointing out that your are not, is unnecessary or a bold-faced lie that would annoy me more than the following racism, that probably stems from various social causes that I have long come to terms with and do not find to be enough a reason for you to lie to me.

Here is a fun-fun example found while searching for rAnt material in my IMdB message board posts. While reading through the board of the Miami Vice reboot? there was a thread titled “I am not racist but why is Castillo Black?” Here is the completely not racist post.

“an average film, i love the TV series to bits and this film was no comparison to it, but one thing that didnt fit in my head was why Lt. Castillo was black, i mean at least the other characters had a slight look of the characters from the TV series, like Tubbs, he was ok, not much hair tho, Crockett, was well quite good even tho i’m not a fan of Colin Farrell, Switek, had a slight feel of Michael Talbott, Zito, didnt impress me but he was at least white as was Gina. Trudy was also played very well, Castillo however, i wasnt impressed, shouldve been white to keep it authentic to the original show”

In this case the guy was actually making a racial inquiry, not a racist one. Here are the definitions of the words.

ra·cial   Pronunciation: \ˈrā-shəl\  Function:  adjective

  1. : of, relating to, or based on a race racial minority>
  2. : existing or occurring between races <racial equality>

rac·ism   Pronunciation: \ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm also –ˌshi-\   Function: noun

  1. : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
  2. : racial prejudice or discrimination

So now you know you can safely discuss race without being racist. Just like you can be successful in the movie business without being a good actor as pointed out before , F@§k U Keaunu!!!

Someone else posted in response that you can be both black and Hispanic and some other things were said that did not warrant a response until reading this. 
What I wanted to know was why they casted that asian chick? Was she supposed to be some kind of spanish? It was clear from her accent and her look that she was deffinately NOT spanish….either chineese or japaneese. So I don’t understand why she was casted in that role. 

This was referring to the casting of Li Gong as a character who called Cuba home. This was my response :

Her home was in Cuba, she was born there. I would guess her parents immigrated (she looked Chinese), and she calls Cuba home.

It is a valid question but it is also acting, no one complains that the characters doing the voices in “Finding Nemo” could not breathe underwater without apparatuses. Stories change portrayal changes, should the show have been set in the past in order to maintain some more ‘reality’ to the show, or the white suit pastel shirts?

People apparently skim movies. Anyway, let’s wind this down as I finally moved into a new apartment (Kewl Beans, yes apparently I still say that) and am now in looking for tickets from somewhere in Milan to somewhere in Rome. I lurve to travel but hate to move. I liked Miami Vice and will admit it took the second watching to really appreciate it, and that watching was dubbed in Italian. The cinematography gave me the feeling of watching a crisp documentary of sorts. The characters, especially Montoya, were easy to root for or against. So my advice on the movie is watch it twice. To all my friends, acquaintances, reAders and rAndoms keep the saying ‘you’re racist’ to the minimum and come back soon to read up on more of the ,’plight of Asians in Hollywood, and other western media.’

Oh, the guy who commented on the casting of Li Gong, responded to me. Here it is for this rAnts bonus:

I could handle it if she was chineese and sounded spanish….like if her parents immigrated from China but Cuba is her home. But it was clear that this women was fresh off the boat from China yesterday. She did not have one latin bone in her body. She spoke spanish in the movie, but when she was to speak english, she did not sound like someone whose native tounge was spanish. thats why I am so confused as to how she got that role! 

I am considering responding…but do not feel the point will be taken. The guy obviously has a concrete definition of what one must have to be from where he feels the character is from, evidenced him pointing out her lack of a ‘latin bone.’ One could say he is displaying some prejudice leading to the discrimination of this character or actor as a Cuban. (if you click both those terms in the earlier definition you can see what they mean) This highlights an issue that I should address sooner rather than later. The practice of people in races self-defining to an extent where they exclude too many others. This definition of what it is to be a certain race, sex, age class… anything really can go very wrong very easily.

People that claim to be of a certain race, age, class etc define what they are, while they simultaneously exclude others, are then surprised when they in-turn are excluded from something due to perceived definitions of themselves. The argument may be that if you are not something you can not truly define it, more on this in the next post.

As for the bonus here is a link to an older, so short its almost not even a rAnt, ehh… rAnt of mine “If you’re Black or White” do it not just because you lurve my rAnts but because it contains the Michael Jackson ‘Black or White’ video that I could not be bothered to repost.


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