Beyonce looks like…

… a Hot Dog trying not to stay in the bun.


Someone that was special to me said this as we were discussing a mutual annoyance of Beyonce. How insulted would you be if someone to said that to you?

Picture it;  the hot dog, the bun; the hot dog attempting to get out of the bun whose purpose is to hold it, and it in turn to be held by it. lol….the humour the humour. Would it change from an insult to a compliment if you liked hot dogs? I do like hot dogs despite knowing they are in general crap. From what is put into them to what they offer to your body. At the time of the comment I definitely took it as being meant as an insult, since as stated, the discussion was on the growing annoyance that the  increasingly omnipresent Beyonce Knowles was.

She seemed to be everywhere being all-annoying, getting away with wearing garish isht because it was styled by her mother and saying isht like foxyliscious! (Or whatever crap she was spouting in “Austin Powers Gold Member“. She was soooo annoying that in my attempts to block the memory of her out removed most of the funny isht in the movie as well.  well not o mad as Goldfinger struggled compared to the first 2 movies, I put some of the blame on Beyonce).

Tell you who else is not a member or Beyonce’s fan club? Etta James. Here is an excerpt from an article by Billy Johnson, Jar. in Hip-Hop Media Training entitled, “Etta James Disses Beyonce’s Inauguration Performance”

It’s safe to assume that Beyonce’s portrayal of Etta James in the retro film Cadillac Records did not impress the legendary soul singer.


The 71-year-old pioneer, who rose to fame in 1950s, recently made it clear that she was not a fan of the self-proclaimed diva whose third solo album I Am…Sasha Fierce is the #3 album in the country.

Before performing “At Last” at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre last Wednesday, James complained about Beyonce singing the song for President Obama and wife Michelle’s first dance at the Neighborhood Ball.

“You know that woman he had singing for him, singing my song, she’s going to get her a– whipped,” Etta said to a thunderous applause. She went on to add that she could not “stand” Beyonce.

Some dismiss James’ anger as jealously, saying that she is only upset because she was not invited to perform the song herself.

However, James’ anger warrants the asking of a few key questions:

Wow. Wonderful. “Going to get her a– whipped”? Ms. James, Ms. James. My money would be on ‘Sasha Fierce’ in that fight, but Etta never said she would personally administer the whooping. The link to the article is at the bottom of this rAnt. It’s well written, unlike this, so check it out. I hardly find myself wishing physical harm to Beyonce, but at times much like the hot dog that she resembles, both in content and offering, she is attractive. For instance in this video…

Dancing is hit or miss. some moves yay some nay. Actually the premise of the song annoys me. I will bring this up in another rAnt.Women do not want to be equal, or in the least whatever this independent isht Beyonce and Kelly Clarkson used to harp about means is not the same as in dictionaries.

They claim to want an end to the discrimination, but are they including  things that came from the view that females were the weaker sex, the more supplicant? The receivers not the initiators, the loved not the lovers? I argue that these things they want to keep. How else can you explain the current state or relationships? Chivalry is dead, and it was tried in the court of feminism, by a jury of sisters and sentenced to death on an electric chair made in Womania. (Not a real country…though it should be, might actually be who knows what’s happening in Eastern Europe)

All the positives they would like to keep, as would most other groups that have been discriminated against. In this particular case getting asked to marry and receiving a ring, which is independent of any action besides saying yes or no, well that and annoying coy hinting and isht…These “Positivisms” (name trademarked by me and only me) are what I will soon rAnt about.

Beyonce falls into the Arnold category of entertainers. Undeniably hardworking and successful at what they do, including being annoying to me. Is she the most talented singer? Nope. One of the best performers, at the moment? Yeah. As evidenced from how many hits her one time slip-up of falling down the stairs got on YouTube. It would nto be as big of a thing to see her fall if it was not so unexpected. Or was that evidence of how many other people find her annoying? Whatever the case enough more people find her to be an amazing talent than those that feel the opposite. So many that it is doubtful Etta James’ anger,  and surely now my little rAnt to her annoyance, will matter to her.

  • For the rest of the article and answers to questions including, “Did anyone from Obama or Beyonce’s camps contact James beforehand to seek her blessing?click here
  • Next post is a guest rAnt, it should not be as exciting to you as it is to me since I expect nothing less than your undivided loyalty, but rejoice none the less.

Bonusssss time : Justin Timberlake liked the video so much he showed up on the remix for that and the Justin video of the song and how the rest of Destiny’s children are doing while one is anturnoying-on the f out of me.

I laugh at how hard Justin was working his neck at the start. For those who do not get the joke. The one background dancer was claimed to be rather mannish so they did this on SNL. Tell you what else is a joke? The music career of any former member Destiny’s Child that is not currently involved with a Hip Hop Mogul, this is not why she made it, it is more of a result of her making it.

Michelle falls during a performance and the rest had a ‘show must go on attitude.’ Beyonce may have had the bigger fall but good chance Michelle would trade her obscurity for Beyonce’s fall and fame. Anyway the order is similar to their passing form sight. Michelle falls and Kelly looks  at her for a second and decides, let’s keep going. Then Kelly does and has a good solo effort, but after a while she fades away, similar to the faint from maybe stress that was her fall. Then Beyonce falls when she is already all by herself, and left the rest behind. She gets up the fastest and keeps going the hardest.

One could almost say “you go girl” then that one  would also be annoying.

:::edited nov 8th 2016 with working links and grammar:::

5 responses to “Beyonce looks like…

  1. As you know I’ve become VERY lenient and relaxed with entertainment standards. However, that new Single Lady is by far the most annoying song getting play right now.

    It’s not even what she’s saying, the song just seems…off. It *sounds* annoying.

    Same with that one other song of hers that’s playing, the one about “female version of a hustler”.

    She’s the anti-Rihanna for me.


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