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This is from my brother unit, he is a big fan of the blog and sent me some material. I have decided to keep it as originally sent outside of embedding the video and picture as well as one little edit in my gray italic thought font. Here you have it This is SenSi™ and I Kinda Sorta Approve of this message:-

Hey guys, brothers name here. I am my first name that i never introduce myself by anymore‘s brother, love the blog he keeps up.

I want to highlight a few myths that I see as assumptions that are just followed and are just accepted as true, because “well it just is” or “everybody knows”.

1. Go to school, work hard, get a good “job”:

Fact of the matter is that both the happiest people, and the wealthiest people in the world absolutely do NOT have a “good job”. Now I have a job, as do the vast majority of people around I’m not by any means being condescending here. That said, I am under no illusions that being in an office is my purpose in life, or that it is what will create a legacy. To reach the top, elite level of humanity, you cannot be shackled in a conventional nine to five office job. Seriously. Watch Office Space. It was a comedy, but it was true also. Watch the Matrix. Just because you’re told something, and society conditions you doesn’t mean that it is so. The wrong question is “how much do you make?”. The correct question is “what is your net worth?”. It is not the amount of money you make. It is the type of money you make. A job is good when you are doing it on YOUR OWN TERMS, such as consulting part-time because you love the work, or if it’s a temporary phase while you advance your other interests.

2. Money is the root of all evil. Or that rich people, countries, companies, and so on, are greedy, snobs, etc etc.

First of all, read up on the law of attraction. People that think like this invariably tend to have money problems. Money is just a medium. Actually if I had $10,000,000 I’d be more productive and I’d be able to add more value to the world. Money is a medium. It flows. It can be used for bad or for good. I believe in Karma (you might not)…..I believe if used for bad, eventually life will even things out. What is more materialistic? Buying a $500 pair of dress shoes if that is .5% of your monthly income, or buying a $100 pair of shoes if that is 10% of your monthly income? What is more materialistic owning the new .39 HDTV from sony if you’re banking in high six figures a year, or looting for FREE a flat screen TV like the looters in New Orleans did during the Katrina aftermath?

I have found, and undoubtedly many will not agree with me, that when one has certain judgmental attitudes towards groups of people, it is usually a reflection of attitudes they themselves harbor towards others. So you think the prom queen is stuck up? Well, how would you react if Mary, the girl that doesnt’ wear makeup, that has acne and wears thick glasses, taking two computer classes in high school asked YOU out to the prom? Be honest, what’d be your immediate gut reaction? So you’re worried that your boyfriend is cheating? You’ve probably kissed some guy that was really hot and irresistible…and you were kind of drunk. People tend to project their insecurities on others.

Part of adjusting this harmful attitude is to just work on being a less judgmental person in general.

3. A guy has to be good looking to get girls

Best night of bingo ever!

Best night of bingo ever!

“How did he get HER?” or “What is she doing with HIM?”

Ever heard about that in high school?

Again, I won’t go into details, just look at celebrities. Hugh Hefner’s an old man. Notorious BIG was very fat. Travis Barker of Blink 182 looks like he belongs in a freakshow with all those tattoos.

What they have in common is that they are the Alpha Males. They are leaders of men. They are accomplished. No accomplished doesnt’ mean what car you’re driving or how many drinks you can buy a random girl at the bar.

Being exciting. And adventurous. That’ll get a girl* the antonym opposite of dry was used here but when used in this way is seems a lil off to me.

Being MASCULINE will get girls.

4. Papers from an institution as a measurement of someone’s intelligence

Well having a Masters Degree or a Ph. D or a Law Degree means you’re pretty competent. In that one thing.

This was a problem in the high school I went to. What you got on your SATs or what Honors/AP class you were enrolled in was a measurement of how ‘smart’ you were.

Let me ask you though, if you suddenly had to move to Budapest, Hungary and were mostly exposed to the locals only how quickly could you make friends? Are you able to make an agitated cashier that’s the only one covering her shift smile? Are you able to save SOME money on a consistent basis?

Intelligence is not just intellectual. There are social, emotional and financial aspects to intelligence as well. For those of you aware of the mortgage crisis in the USA – most of those having their houses foreclosed are earning six-plus figures. How did that happen?

IMO, the most intelligent persons are those with the maximum number of experiences. And by experiences, I mean just about anything. Pretty much LIVING life, and getting up out of the couch will make one more intelligent. This is something I’m working on.

5. Your particular religion matters.

Note how I worded that. What I’m referring to is – my old man in the sky is the real god. You are going to burn in hell forever because YOUR guy with blue skin who sits cross legged or YOUR guy who “doesn’t have a son” are pagan gods.

Is that offensive? Well let me ask you something. If you consider yourself , do you believe that people of other other religions are damned? If your answer is no, then why does it *really* matter what your religion is, to the extent that you use it as your basis to be very judgmental of many things? If you’re answer is yes, then ask yourselves how that is any different from a suicide bomber, or a Spanish priest during the inquisition. Seriously, think about it. Obviously YOU are not strapped, or slicing out people’s intestines, but the Spanish inquisitors and the terrorists were coming from the exact same headspace.

To me (to me) arguing about religion is like arguing about wether it’s better to use Google Maps or Windows Live Search to find the way to the Stadium on the other side of town. You’re arguing about a MAP. There can be many ways and turns of getting to the same place.

Also religion does not mean shutting off your brain i.e. an eye for an eye, world being 6,000 years old.

“Religion misunderstood, it is poison” (Nas)

That’s all I have for now.

Thanks to the brother unit for his words.  The next post may be a little… well the almost soon to be mythical creature that is Paris Hilton will be involved. for some of my thoughts on guest rAntOn number one: I don’t consider it a job when its on your own terms…or doing something you would be doing regardless. For instance if you pay me to draw all day…won’t really be a job. Would it be an occupation, maybe, is this all semantics, definitely.

On number two: Law of attraction reeks so the promise. the promise reeks of me rolling my eyes.  If you think if I think about going to Japan enough then of course I would end up thinking of more ways of getting there and reduce my chances of ending up in Timbuktu. I believe money can be seen as a root of most of the evil, seeing it is the new ‘currency’ of the world. Everything now has a value. The brother unit was right when he said it is a means and money in and of itself is not evil, but you can’t do much evil without it, and a lot of evil has been done to get it.

People are self interested, they add things to their definition of self and cater to them. Selfishness can lead to evil deeds. Companies, corporations and countries are collections of people, people with a lot to loose.

On number 3: All those people have money, fame, talent, opportunities.etc etc. these things tend to attract people. Women in general are judged off of looks. Your points though well made, would be more sound if Hefner, Barker and Wallace were rather poor.  In this day and age the definitions of masculinity have changed as much as those of femininity. More on this later, also…the girls next door, we can get a better example of attractiveness.

On number 4: Agree. Diplomas show an ability to learn and take instruction in a manner that would make you able to fit into the general structure of businesses in the field of your ‘expertise.’ they help get you hired, teach you the basics.

On number 5: I used to attend a christian athletes group in college. One night we discussed the book of Revelations. After class i asked the ‘leader’ what he thought was in store for someone like the Dalai Lama after death. He answered very confidently that he was going to hell. It made me continue to rethink the whole thing of organized religions and such.The person telling me this had a self admitted weakness when it came to relationships, yet he was so sure he was safe (his weakness being one that can damage other people) and the Dalai Lama was not (whose main apparent strength is that of helping other people).

3 responses to “Read this because Everyone does :

  1. On Jobs: Yeah, the word doesn’t matter. Provided you have passion for what you’re doing and are not hurting others. Which will always mean you’re adding value. Which will mean you’ll get paid regardless. If you’re passionate in an office, so be it. Thing is most people are not, we (most, not 100%) are modern day slaves. Like I’d said, that movie Office Space was a comedy, but much of it was true.

    On Law of Attraction: Law of Attraction as in “think about something AND DO NOTHING” sucks. Law of attraction as in “think about something, visualize it, and put plans in ACTION (that’s a verb) towards whatever your visualizing” is absolutely true. My problem with something like the movie, the Secret (which I didn’t, or won’t watch) is that from the snippets I saw it made it come across like some woo woo stuff where you just smile and be cheery and think, think, think about something and voila, it happens. No not at all. You still have to do something.

    Many people practice it anyway, they just don’t call it “the law of attraction”.

    On Money: You can do evil without money, like being a prick to everyone. Abusing your kids. etc etc. I guess we agree though that it’s just a medium.

    On guys with money and talent getting girls: No, my point is made with Wallace, Barker and Heffner regardless as they are not good looking. My point was that you don’t have to be good looking. I don’t deny that their sucess definitely helps. But why does their success help? It’s not *the car*. It’s what the car conveys. Alpha. Leader of Men. Playboy. Social Value. You can be alpha, a leader of men, and have good social skills without having money.

    on number 4: Agree. Diplomas show an ability to learn and take instruction in a manner that would make you able to fit into the general structure of businesses in the field of your ‘expertise.’ they help get you hired, teach you the basics.

    On religion: Your reason for “reconsidering” organized religion is pretty much 100% exactly what happened to me too. BTW, who was the “leader” of that christian athletes group, and why was he the “leader”? Just curious like.

    Cheers, look forward to lots more reading.


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