10 things learned watching Paris Hilton : My New BFF Casting Special

So I was drinking the other day, wanna make something about it? and as I have said there has been a lot of Italian TV watching to help with getting to know the language. So when I saw there was a show in english on MTV I decided to watch it. That is my excuse and I am sticking to it. Here is what was learned.

  1. It pays to not have to pay.
  2. This rAnt is one reason Paris has a show.
  3. Gangsters say “Snitches get Stitches.”
  4. To many girls and, apparently all socialite and celebrity ones, Homosexual men are synonymous to girls. by this reasoning Asslee Simpson (no misspelling there)  could be considered a lesbian and Lindsay Lohan still Heterosexual.
  5. If your dream of when you you grow up is to be like Paris, and you’re already her age, put your life in the fail column.
  6. If you think you are not fake, you are.
  7. All Asians do not look alike; they can just easily pass for either male or female.
  8. If you are any race but Caucasian, feel free to pull out the racism card whenever. It is guaranteed to work.
  9. …Perez Hilton, odio la tua faccia.
  10. Girls who giggle after every other thing they say still make me have to stop thinking about punting them in their…
  11. I learned more than 10 things but decided to keep the name anyway, wanna make something about it?
  12. I am continuing my attempts to reduce usage of the word ‘like.’
  13. Stupid people can’t handle stupid people.
  14. Unisex dressing Asians, still do not reduce my lurve of Asia.
  15. Paris Hilton has been in jail, and she learned that using a pay phone is gross.
  16. Not only does eating seafood make some people’s throats swell up but cooking seafood makes some people cry hysterically.
  17. Christians love Paris.
  18. Speaking of Christians, the one thing stranger than the fact of Paris Hilton looking for a ‘New Best Friend FOREVER” are the commercials I keep seeing for a new Bible. more on this soon
  19. I may never play a Madden video game ever again since Good Charlotte had a song on it. This is a lie, but Good Charlotte, ti odio.
  20. Paris having multiple businesses in Japan made me think of not going there for a drunken 30 seconds.
  21. Life moves pretty fast and millions of dollars do not stop you from getting old.
  22. Paris’ true colours will make you cry

Still here? here is a funny video

Bonus  to capture the feeling i had watching the show

Okay so the powerpuff girls are teh sheit but the song being played is isht. Similar to a show being in English was teh sheit but the content of the show was isht. Good thing that for this clip you can just turn the sound off and enjoy some PPG




One response to “10 things learned watching Paris Hilton : My New BFF Casting Special

  1. I have watched ALL of Paris Hilton’s my new BFF…and just so you know i think that Anch the gay/straight/bi/man/woman is the weirdest weirdo i ve ever seen in my life.

    Another thing you should have learned from this is that…Paris Hilton is not all that fan of obvious plastic surgery….

    The powerslut girls RULE!!!

    how old is Paris hilton anyway???20?27?32???WHO KNOWS!!!

    p.s. Perez Hilton amo la tua faccia!!sei fantastico!!

    LOVES IT!!!

    how pathetic is it they dnt even spend a whole freaking day together with Paris and they are crying over her (money/15 mins of fame)



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