Suri still cutie : Miley still Cabbagey


Brooklyn Bekham is right, though he would not have been as shocked if he was regular rEader of Rant A. Tonne and had already seen Suri’s ma Boo, Suri is something to behold. She is so cute that it makes you want to have kids and at the same time fear that upon having them they will be nowhere as cute in comparison to her and thus fail in Suriness, leading to you probably resenting them for their non-Suriness, and your weak gene combination. Much like these two parents probably do of their child.

close to the tree, the apple drops - Yoda

close to the tree, the apple drops - Yoda

Suri is ridiculously cute. I do not know what got me to look at more pictures of her, I was talking to Kali and ended up looking at Suri…i may have been on a blog and saw a more recent pic of her and decided to do some digging for your viewing pleasure. Here are the results.


When I found the picture in the middle, on this great flikr photostream of cupcakes (Cupcakes Take the Cake’s), I read a comment someone had put about how they would never let their daughter eat a cupcake like that in a dress like that.  My response to that is as follows. Besides the fact that her parents can afford to buy 50 of those dresses, or pay 50 people to clean the one dress, or 50 to make another one, or 50 stores that sell the dresses, and 50 farms that produce the material for the dresses…Suri is so dyamn cute that cupcake on the dress is not the same as cupcake on the dress of other children. Because those dresses do not have Suri in them. Now for instance if your child looked like thismileypatch

cupcake on a dress would be a bad thing. Miley, Miley, Miley. You are obviously doing something right, besides certain…hurdles Cabbage Patch Montana doll, but make up like that, the pouting kissy face pics, the eternal peace sign flashing and standing by people way hotter than you, are not helping what your mama(in her case mostly what her papa) gave you.


She does not look too bad in this pic but for the bonus and to see the rest of the picture where it goes all wrong for her

why, lively MIley, Why?

why, lively MIley, Why?

keeping in the theme of the post, children and humour, watch this, if only we could all take this much joy out of life.

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