Shaquille O’Neal is one huuuge…just watch the clip

I am going to start with saying that Shaq is HE-Fraqin-Larry-us. This video made me happy, and i feel i can be upset later and just thing of him in this video and smile a lil bit. If this was on Facebook I would definately Like it (for those who do not know yet now facebook has the option of liking things on news feeds, I was a fan of disliking things but now i can like them, i like that) This clip almost made me sad that i missed the NBA All-Star game, ok that is a lie, but it is a great clip, Kobe may have jumped over my Mom but Shaq just popped and locked his way into my happy place for at least a few days.

I would like to point out something else in this video, something I noticed a while back, back when I used to watch the NBA. Way before Iverson was rocking the now shorn Cornrows, back in his Mini Fro Days (as was well put in the previous link), I remember thinking how small he looked on the court. He is not that small. He is 6 feet tall (1.8288 meters to my metric readers), the other players were  just giganto. Look how huge shaq looks alongside the Jabbawokeez!!!( the fact he is wearing white and them grey actually increases the effect but this is not an art class so moving on, also breakedancers tend to not be too tall…and last but not least Italy is a lil back on the TV so America’s best dance crew is still on, and i wish Kaba Modern won, although i am biased by my lurve of all things asian) Mr. O,Neal is 7’1″ (2.1336m) tall, a foot and an inch taller than Iverson and at 325 pounds is almost twice the weight of Iverson who is 180. Times like this amazing clip, and when im trying to design a character of shaq like proportions for my animation, remind me of how often we do not look at things in the right frame of reference.

The average height for men is 5 feet 9.2 inches (1.76 m) and weight is 189 pounds (85.7 kg), Allen Iverson may be below the weight of an avarage male but I am pretty confident he is also far above the average fitness level of most males. Average height for women is 5 feet 3.9 inches (1.62 m) and weight is 162.9 pounds (73.9 kg). These are average measurements, they do not take into account body types or fitness levels or any of those things. These being absolute averages of sorts means there is technically give on both sides above and below average before you get to being considered short or tall, heavy or light. 

I am not sure where this is going but i really just wanted to put that video up, then thought of the view from my balcony. It overlooks the construction site for the new international train terminal in Turin, Italy. On a clear day i can see the alps encircling pretty much my entire horizon, a testament to how rather flat the city of Turin is that, on a 4th floor balcony i can see that far with no obstructions(that or i am on a hill). Anyway the construction site is rather large, as i first noticed by walking along it. Then looking at the machines working inside and having been close to some of them, it at times amazes me how they look like little toys in a kids playground. I sit there for ages just watching the lil things go back and forth in a little dance of machinery. Then the train comes by zooming along with the its lil teeny passengers, looking like one of those little model towns form Superman Returns. Then I look past it all and see the Alps. I know they are far away, i know that they are rather high, but you can’t really tell ass there is no frame of reference. Then I notice there is a shadow on one of the slopes. It is cast by a rather huge cloud and covers sch a tiny part of the Mountain range. I use one of the new apartment buildings in the foreground to see how slow the cloud is moving, to kind of gauge how far it could be. The thing is creeping by at a millimeter ber minute or so. So slow that i can almost convince my mind that it is moving both right and left.  I look to the right and see that there is a peak that is in the clouds, the white Cumulus clouds not the low lying Nimbostratus. Thinking of how high the peak must be i look back to the now tiny cranes in the construction are and thing about how annoying it is when girls that are anywhere under 175 pounds say they are fat. Being above 175 does not make you fat but i can almost understand you having misgivings and since when was the target weight for girls 125 and below?!

Average Height and weight charts for men and women( actually differentiates by race) : click here 

Bonus is short men dunking, How do i know they are short? they have names like Mugsy and Spud Mugsy Bouges at 5’3″

Spud Webb at 5’7″ not exactly short but good enough for the bonus

Let us know what you think

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