Chris in doo doo Brown

Don’t like him, liked a few of his songs but don’t like him. This is more from my general mistrust of people that walk around smiling all the time, than anything else he has done or tried to. I feel they are either ignorant to the mess that the world often is in, completely unable to see the mess that the world is often in or are lying straight to our faces through their toothy grins.


In his defense he has had reasons to smile with the musical and limited acting success (he got shot I was not too upset) he has enjoyed in his relatively new career. (part of this can be attributed to Usher’s little sabbatical from pwnership of all things Rythym and Blues, R&B for you acronym lurving readers) then came the news that he was dating Rihanna. Which may have taken a smile from my brother units face, seeing as he is rather enamoured with her long legged island self, for Chris grinny Brown to keep flashing that goofy smile of his. 

Then something doo doo turned that smile upside Brown.

I really like the title of this rAnt, it makes me smile.

There it was on Yahoo news. Chris Brown Sought on Domestic violence, or something along those lines I could not be bothered to look into more but i did wonder if the unnamed victim was Rihanna. I also thought of how domestic violence does not have to apply to a domicile or a binding relationship. Then a few days later it turned out that it was.

Then began the doo doo storm.

Chris began apologizing and the media began questioning. Other celebs, as the oft* tend to, began to chime in with their  opinions

Here is an excerpt from the article “Gayle king rejects Chris Browns apology”  “Gayle King said she wasn’t moved by Chris Brown apology, in which he said Sunday he is “saddened … over what transpired”with girlfriend Rihanna .”I can’t think of anything that makes me support anything that Chris Brown is saying at this time. And my heart just aches for Rihanna .”

Many more celebrities opinions are in the article. Here you can get mine. Who tha fwarque is Gayle King? is she a gaurdian of sort? Rihanna’s mother? Can those answers be found by simple research? I do not know, highly doubt and could not be bothered. This is since the whole thing is bothering enough without me goign to search who Gayle King is. I know she is not Rihanna so why is she rejecting an apology? 

I am not for hitting women in anger, let alone biting them as is now reported Brown, but i am also not for the public crucifiction of this annoying young man before more information comes out. Why does this apology have to go out to everyone and not to Rihanna? I mean maybe it is because the relationship, unlike chris brown, was not all smies. Maybe he and\or she have said one t0o empty apologies  before. But why so quick to doo doo on the Brown?

Many may disagree with me on this but i truly believe the whole ‘ it is not right to hit women’ thing, is sexist. Many a time have i seen a woman take advantage of this and say and do things that anyone watching a guy do, would start taking bets on how fast he was going to get knocked out. Hitting women seems to be generally condemned in public, but the fact that it is still a thing to condemn, means it still happens. Now if everyone is condemning it, then who is still doing it?

Before i conclude, let me clearly state that i am not for hitting women or men except in really dire circumstances (i do not have a clear outline of said circumstances but i do have a clear mind that it is not a simple case of never). We have thought and most of us have the ability to communicate those thoughts, and we should keep it there. now on to the conclusion. I touched on my point in a recent rAnt. Equality vs the end of discrimination. If we are entirely equal, then a woman should be paid as much as any man and also be held accountable for the results of her actions similar to any man. Is this a Positivism that has been carried on from the chauvinist view of women as weaker than men? Is it generally agreed that one should not attack one weaker than you? What if they have a weapon? What if it was Christina Brown that hit her ‘partner’ RyAnna, would Gayle King feel a certain sorrow for both of them, since they are all women? If this feeling of not hitting women, came from the loving feeling we all tend to have to our mothers and not just general sexism. What then would the protocol be if a woman verbally or physically assaulted your mother? Can any of you truely say that the statement of “Men should never hit women”, a statement based on the sex of the person, and not their actions, is not sexist? 

And with that Boo on Doo Doo Brown!


*i am re-reading lord of the rings and I felt ‘oft’ would be something Tolkien would have written, here is previous entry on more celebrities speaking their mind: Sharon Stone and Celebreogians

There is no bonus today, but I plan on taking a little time to think about Positivisms, and begin to rAnt about a little more than the celebrity driven pop drivel i have been doing of late. I will still throw one or two of those in there, but Positivisms should be addressed.  I think we should all take some time to think, don’t you think?

Let us know what you think

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