WTF!!! NY Post calls Obama A chimp?!


Despite my image editing skills, PeTA , of whom no love of mine is lost on, is not the reason for this rAnt. the following is an excerpt from an article I read today:

NY Post apologizes — to some — over Obama cartoon

NEW YORK – After two days of protests, the New York Post apologized Thursday for a cartoon that some have interpreted as comparing President Barack Obama to a violent chimpanzee gunned down by police. But the newspaper also said its longtime antagonists exploited the image for revenge.

entire of the article

WTF, does not cover my reaction to this! How on earth does this count as an attack on President Obama. If anything the people insinuating  the monkey is Obama are the ones with issues. I would go into it more but do not want this to be the first full rAnt on about Obama. When will this insanity end? Are they claiming that the white half of Obama is also being portrayed as a chimp by this cartoon?

I knew the whole ‘black’ president thing would be the cause of some odd situations but come on?! This is a reach by all standards. Who still does the whole black people are monkeys thing? Those that think anyone descended from monkeys and not some naked folk made of mud and a rib in a garden or some other faith-plausible origin, are in general agreement that  humans and modern day monkeys and apes have a common ancestry. All of us, Black Yellow, White, Brown and whatever else you want to call people who are really not those colours at all. (well except djimon Hounsou, that’s one dark mofo, i kid i kid, well not entirely… he is dark)

I do not believe this was a direct stab at Obama, the presidency is an office, he is partially the spokesperson for an entire branch. The efforts of entire branch were being targeted by the cartoon. Not just half of Obama. Were there any editors who though of the possible material that muckrakers could use to stage a backlash? More likely than not, seeing as they have covered stories of such ridiculous claims before, and as the semi-annoying saying goes, “there is no such thing as bad press.”

I hope you read the article if not here is a what one protester had to say about the NV Post:

We make them and we break them with our money, and we should shut it down,” said protester Angela Brown, who carried a glossy photo of Obama.

Ms. Brown, you stopping to read the New York Post would surely be the end of Rupert Murdoch media empire.

here is the unedited cartoon


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