Muslim Women forced to cover up due to Hijab!

First, WTF!?!

Now on to the rAnt. I will venture to say that most of the women that wear it do so proudly.  With as much pride as most church-goers have when they imbue the blood and body of Christ.

I have met Muslim women that do not practice hi jab  and non-Muslim women that choose to dress as conservatively as many if following hi jab.

On the other spectrum there are many women that wear near to nothing. Dressing provocatively, wench-like to be more exact. Those do not ogle them tend to scorn.. These women may have been influenced by their societies but their fashion choice is essentially just that, a choice. Different ends of the spectrum, both being questioned by society for their appearance, could the issue more be society wanting for people to conform to a comfy middle?

Sure some certain countries tie this belief into the laws of the country and even foreigners visiting are held to the same standard but, what is so wrong with that? How different is that from going to someones house and speaking the language,  driving on their side of the road, eating the foods they find customary.

Who would honestly claim that religion and state are separate. You want to say that a religious person who goes into politics will not include his beliefs, the very way he believes is the best and right way to live, in his choices for himself, his family, friends and constituents?

Could these mostly Muslim states just closely follow the guidelines of the words they feel were given to them by an omnipotent being, words which humans should not feel able to change according to changing times. Living in Italy, the effect of the Vatican and Catholicism can be strongly felt in the countries general policies, yet on international women’s day, there was a 5 minute spot of various scenes of naked women on a regular public television show at 6 in the afternoon (how this celebrated Women’s day, i do not know, but that is another rAnt) I firmly believe that this would not have been allowed to air on American Television, although such people are Paris Hilton as well known for her sexual antics as anything else she has kinda sorta done are given ample time to shine. I feel this ‘censorship’ in America is on the same line of thought as that of hajib, as i believe they are both religiously given morals. Both try to avoid unwanted effects of overexposure of sex.

I am personally very attracted by eyes. In many cases the full hajib tends to frame the face and eyes. I have found myself speechless by a girl with what i consider amazing eyes. Many men and women love other physical attributes as much as i do eyes. And as many men and women can recall some time or other when they hung around a situation or person due to their physical attributes in a situation when you would otherwise have left. I got by the speechlessness to find great people behind the eyes that once struck me dumb, but the distracting qualities of physical attributes are undeniable.

Are they some more negative effects of the practice and belief in hajib, yes they are, just as with any other belief. the human quotient usually finds a way to twist something that was initially intended for good purposes to something negative.  times do change, beliefs and practices that once made sense may not after a few years let alone thousands.  I agree with that and encourage continued discourse on the subject but for a statements such as “Muslim women are forced to practice Hijab,” I have nothing but scorn.

I said in the previous rAnt that the next one would be about positivisms or sexism, this rAnt was nto about that but i have a few more women related rAnts that i would like to share besides it is a rAnt and i can not be held responsible for  all guarantees made whilst in rAntmode! and i believe that those who as regular a reader to care will also be happy enough with this rAnt.

For the bonus, after clicking continue reading below, you will find a little story i came    up with to show the relative nature of the whole judging peoples physical appearance as well as a link to a story that has never made me prouder of my highschool education!

I went to this school:

Kansas Church Says It Will Protest at Whitman High in MoCo

I find it great that the washington post calls Montgomery County MoCo when it used to be what we would shout our when fake repping our ‘hood in middle and highschool.

Ok Imagine you see a Muslim girl in your class wearing loose fitting jeans a light spring sweater and a scarf covering her head and you wonder, “wtf is wrong with this girl?”

Then you see her mother and father pick her up and her mother is wearing more of the classic full gown , jilbāb then think, “it’s not the girl’s fault she is being forced to wear that by her mother and father.” This forceful mother is the same one who has been shunned by her own mother, the grandmother to a granddaughter who she refuses to see much since she is even worse than her heathen daughter for showing her face instead of wearing the full Burqua.

This same granddaughter feels that there is no way she could ever be as risque as the Midwest woman she saw choosing to go bra-less for woman’s rights, and came to school to talk about the feminist movement.

The same woman who feels the daughter of their local preacher must be a brainwashed result of the conservative-right for the way she always dresses so proper and has been forced to attend that catholic school.

All the while this poor lil catholic girl is sleeping with the Midwest woman’s husband, the boyfriend of the Muslim girl and is in the dreams of the Muslim father that you said is forcing the girl in your class to dress as she does.

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