Funny Games : Moovie Review

Some interesting cinematography, Some ok music, Some good depiction of the bland proper upper class lifestyle (where people have million dollar homes they go to when escaping their other million dollar homes)

All in all a rather crap movie. Watch “A Clockwork Orange,” if you haven’t, and save yourself the disappointment that is “Funny Games.” If you’ve watched “Orange”, re-watch it or read the book and save yourself the disappointment that is “Funny Games.” Maybe this is a version of Clockwork for the new age (ie those that have nto heard of Orange)…but for me the calling each other different names like Beavis and Butthead and other odd references, although made some sense with them pointing out violent and odd media and also certain social buttons such as the weight issue, it was…well not enough. Maybe i’m getting old, maybe this would have been better if i had not seen Orange.

*just found out it was a remake of a 1997 australian film, weak. I may give the original a watch but i doubt ill re-watch the remake.


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