Obama : “…he’s a Jackass”, Kanye : That’s just his…

…white half talking.

Many of you have seen the Kanye eruption and if not have been caught in the avalanche of response to it. If not here is the gist of it. Taylor Swift, young mega-famous in her own right country singer, wins an award that Beyonce was also nominated for. Kanye gets up right in the middle of the cute, lil, rich, still famous, still getting the award, girl’s speech and gets on the stage. He then proceeds to… well, to be Kanye. It may have been even more Kanye thanks to the bottle of Hennessey* he was pictured at holding during the night… though if this is what Hennessey results in, they should give everyone a bottle at the start of the Red carpet and not let them into the venue unless its half finished by the time they get to the doors. I would watch more Awards show’s, so would you and so would the people that tell Obama about these sort of things.

Then the ‘world’ predicatively lost it’s isht. Or at least most people with an Internets connection.

Most people seem to agree on 3 things. One – Beyonce had the better video and won an award later for it. Two – Kanye was wrong for how and when he went about saying it. Three – they are now no longer a fan of Kanye.

Here are my thoughts.

One – On the video itself Beyonce’s was more… entertaining, with the choreography and what not, as for the content I have previously rAnted about that. Many people feel the same, but apparently enough of the people who vote for things like the music awards liked Taylor’s video. this could be used as a what happens when you don’t exercise voting rights campaign. More people may have liked Beyonce’s but many of those people feel awards shows are cowdookie so don’t vote. Then there are the MTV execs’ who may think, ‘Beyonce is already winning an award let us let Taylor get some love too and increase the number of viewers that we please.’ which is an possibility that falls into the bovinefecesiness of  award shows

Two – Say what you want Kanye, it’s your right just as it is his right to say whatever he wants whenever he wants now i know by law there are situations where it may not be allowed,  slanderous and what not, but in this case he cannot be accused of that. Kanye got up and voiced what many thought, and though I felt a little bad for T-Squints, T-swizzle or whatever other cute name the tall blonde hotness that is Taylor Swift may have, I was mostly humoured by the situation. Kanye got up and spoke what was on many peoples minds, I for one am sick of this super cordial way people are expected to be… more on this soon.

Three – I will continue to be a fan of good music, well more specifically, music I find entertaining and good to listen to. I will continue to be a fan of Kanye’s music. This latest outburst does not affect this.

Why would it? Before this, would come over to your house with brownies and play X-Box with you? Now this guy you knew so well is all of a sudden on the list of people that you would no longer let in your home?!! This ‘prince among men’ that has never previously shown and signs of having an ego, of speaking out when he sees fit, or of comporting himself in bland award show ‘smile for the person you think is less talented that just won ‘ fashion?

Wrong! This is Kanye. May have been a drunk Kanye, but this the Kanye we all know. The Kanye that made all the hits that you listened to before, are listening to now and will listen to in the future.

You are right Mr. President, the man is seemingly a Jackass, but he is a dyamn talented one, much more talented than the garden variety jackass I meet in my day to day life. Next time Kanye makes a hott track I’m listening to it, whether he just joined a monastery the day before or  is in now doomed to hell after he was caught in St. Peters square peeing on the pope

T Swizzle cuteness:

Really, let it go people this event is not going to leave her scarred for life… any lil inconvenience can be challenged into her country singing.

Soon no one shall be safe from the TWEET???? we should have let Sylvester eat them all when we still had the chance. Here is the Obama Article

*for a great picture account of Kanye and the Hennessey bottle click here Buzzfeed

The consummate professional that Beyonce is let T-Ssquints get back up on stage and finish her speech but Sasha Fierce luvs her some Kanye. Mrs Z and Mr West ego stroking

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