Pat Robertson : Haiti in a Rush to Limbaugh with Robert Pattinson

My thoughts on Limbaugh and Robertson fiasco.

I think what they said was rather ridiculous, but sadly one thing I don’t think the statements were, are signs of them lacking humanity. These two people spoke their thoughts, their human thoughts.

human thoughts illustrated

I will begin with Pat Robertson. Even if you don’t believe in the pact of the devil,  (and if you do you probably also are against Robert Pattison and all the other vampire craze instigators since we all know vampires are really demons and of the devil) but do in some religion and deity, then you may believe the earthquake was allowed to go down. Or it is some sort of Divine plan beyond our understanding. Or retribution for something or a continued battle between good and evil where evil won out or a test of our and their faith in him.

It is well documented that the impoverished tend to be more religious than the well off, Haiti is thought to be composed by around  80% Roman Catholics, 16% Protestant and the other 4%, other ( Religion in Haiti though some Vodou is present this is more of a cultural thing like the belief that one is not complete without a favorite football team or turkey on thanksgiving).

Pat Robertson said what he believes. He believes he has found the One way to human salvation. He opened with a comment on the fact more buildings having collapsed than not may be a blessing in disguise due to the rebuilding that may come, said some stuff about Napoleon the 3rd and a pact with the devil for freedom, then finished with saying we need to pray for them and hoping they all turn to god.

Haiti was emancipated from under Napoleon ‘Complex’ Bonaparte, not his Nephew Napoleon III, so we can say he was wrong. Wrong, but not inhuman, for to err is human to forgive divine. So we can say Robertson believes that the pact with the devil may only have been forgiven by a 100% christian population . Now since ) what would be ‘inhuman’ is if he kept this a secret. If did not do all in his power to convert everyone to this way to salvation. Felt he was safe so there was no need to speak out on this this earthquake as a warning, lest some other less than 100% christian country (USA is about 75%, though no devil pact is on record, besides record box office numbers and neilsen ratings since society sure does loooove vampires) have some terror befall them.

Rushing on to Rush (YEAH I SAID IT, WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT!?!)…It’s Rush, c’mon now. He prolly felt upstaged by Pat and felt he better say something soon. And this Devil thing, quite the headline grabber that is, what on earth could top that, what could hurt the most, oh wait I know, you know, Rush knew even Col. Jessup* knows. The Truth. Nothing hurts more than the truth. OFF COURSE OBAMA IS TRYING TO SCORE POLITICAL POINTS!!!

Please, no one anywhere should deny this isht. It is politics, politicians everywhere are trying to gain points on this. Is this the only reason they are helping? No, certainly not, this is a tragedy. Is how they are helping dictated by politics? Ah, Heeeeeellllzzzzzzzz yeth. Are countries looking at other countries to see what they give so they can match it and not seem to be slacking and not as caring? Of course not, that would be terrible to do, measure compassion. Are countries putting their political processes on hold so they can concentrate on Haiti and wait for their populations to settle back down and know what laws and such are being enacted and passed? eh whats that behind you?!?!

So Rush spoke the truth, it may be more heated because of what ‘colour’ Obama’s father was, who said it and the fact that there is that whole Obama won partially because of the light skin and no negro dialect.(that deserves its own rAnt in and of itself but all ill say is if Obama looked and sounded like flava flav  and said everything Obama said, Black people would have been the first to say “No, You Can’t!!!”)

Do you know anyone on Facebook with a help Haiti message? (my thoughts on Facebook status messages Jew know what Gaza did!?! / “(Your name) is my Hero” : best Facebook status message ever!”) I do, not as annoying this time as other times.

I remember watching the news with my mom right after it happened, as the science guys gave us the science and the first twitter pictures (another thing that usually angers me but since it’s to good use and not people named after mexican alcohol use) were coming in to CNN. We discussed how late this happened, how long it will take for help to get there, how densely populated it is and finally just how high the death-toll will obviously be. As CNN and the other news outlets began to deploy their reporters, I thought to myself “not watching a news channel for a week.” I would rather check in on online sources than the 24 hour coverage. People will be dead, people will be helping, people will be angry, people will be praying, people will be confused, people will be crying.

My issue with this is the timing. If all the concern and aide that is pouring into Haiti had been given slowly and steadily over the last 50 years, the death-toll today would not be what it is 40,000 still buried and 100,000 feared dead so 140,000 by BBC internationals estimate an hour ago(I watched the news at diner time because there is literally nothing on most of the time, even on satellite TV). In a year or less most of us will return to being human and forget about Haiti and other places that need help. If being human is showing concern for people only after terrible things happen, then we should either strive to be more than human, or in the least break down these borders and let people know that terrible things are happening all the time.

  • *    “A Few Good Men.” Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, goodness.

  • Cruise ship lands in Haiti. Self Serving people sure to be up in arms. Tourism is a huge industry for Haiti. The cruise ship landing there now at this time is so horrible because the people are suffering instead of just living their regular lives that were not as comparatively hellish to those on the cruise ship. We should actually have a few week ban on all vacations anywhere.

Ah, back rAnting, see i am human too as I too had this reaction to something terrible to come back to rAnt, I will try to add an illustration if time allows but now lets work to be “More Human than Human.” -White zombie


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One response to “Pat Robertson : Haiti in a Rush to Limbaugh with Robert Pattinson

  1. Rush Limbaugh is actually pretty funny. I’ve started realizing that with some of the over the top stuff he says. And funny thing is he’ll often be like, “watch, watch, they’re going to say I was saying this or that, and they’ll flip out about it”. And that’s EXACTLY what’ll happen.


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