Everybody’s Mad at the Tiger

I follow sports more, now that I am in italy than when I could watch ESPN and competitions on TV in America. This is mostly due to reading Yahoo! Sports. It has become increasingly hit or miss. I am either enthralled with the article, or find myself wondering why the hell anyone needs to know this random stat about so and so before his what n there game.

Is Tiger and never was anything but Tiger

I hardly ever do comment on these sports stories but do at times marvel at the comments from the ‘true believers’ vs everyone else of whatever sport, team or athlete is being discussed. Today I felt the need to comment after reading the article “Backlash: players, media speaking out, standing up to Tiger.” If you do not feel like reading the entire the summary is as such, Tiger is giving a press conference, it coincides with some golf tournament opening, toes have been stepped on, rich people that used to act like they like tiger now act like they don’t like him. The excerpt that made me want to comment is below this short clip that you should listen to before reading audio is not in sync with the video but i could not find a better one.

“disgusted people who believe Woods ought to answer questions, if not about his family — which is a justifiably off-limits target — then at least about the way his actions have affected the hundreds of people who have millions of dollars at stake in protecting his image.”

These people can go wipe their tears of disgust and fury away with the millions they already made from him.

These are the group of people who decided it would be better if Tiger stopped referring to himself as Cablasian because Black would sell more. Situations like this happen, I am sure some of them are actually disgusted by the act of infidelity, though it is not a stretch to think they may have urged him into marriage in order to improve his image. These people are disgusted. Most are disgusted that he got caught.

Think about how high the divorce rate is. Then if you take those reasons for the divorce rate and apply them to those relationships that stay together, how many would break apart if not for their religious views, shared finances, families (both with their partner and appearing shameful in the eyes of the extended family) or worse just not knowing that they can.

I do not buy this disgust!

Pardon me if I do not feel for these millionaires not adding to their millions. In general we do not care about these Athletes.We let them into our homes, but we do not live with them. We claim to love them but we do not know these people. We spend our well earned money  to see them but they do not owe you anything besides playing their selected sport how they want when they want. We love to see them win but we do not stand on the podium with them, we do not feel the weight of the trophy as they lift it while the weight on their shoulders drops onto the crestfallen heads of the losers. We take what is spoon-fed to us and we create our own image and expectations of them. We take what we think of them and create this cage for that idea with bars made of our own hopes and dreams, successes and failures, wishes and regrets. Then when they do not live up to who we view them as, when they actually do them, when they actually go Tiger, we cry afoul.

We disgust me.

There is this Jason Derulo song that is big, people wonder what the sample is from, wonder no more to see the goddesongststress that is Imogen Heep

just listened to the two videos and realized all over again how magnificent Imogen is. amazes me.


official video

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