Call of Duty 6 : Kill Nazi Everything

Call of Duty 6 Kill Nazi Everything

You know you want it

I play video games, my friends play video games, we play them together and watch each other play them.  We would all love to have this game and think many others would too.

This cover is inspired by one friend placing Knut as his profile picture and we had often wondered about how it would be to play the game from the losing vantage point of the Axis forces and have to coordinate retreats and such.

Those who thought I made this because everything German is Nazi, shame on you only most things German are Nazi. I wonder if this will be flagged in Germany for using German and Nazi too often and too close together.

The same friend had just finally reached level 31 on the popular Nazi Zombies mod of Call of Duty World at War. (Co-op on ps3 with the drinks and super weapons) This may understandably not seem like an achievement to many of you but it is pretty good. Not impressed ? take a look at this …

this is news

Really? Mike Leyde, of Riverside, CA. Over 2000 hours? I have thought of how many hours I spent playing minesweeper and other basic Microsoft gaming offerings, not to mention just Squaresoft Role playing games but I doubt I’ve put 2000 into one game (article here)

This should not get him fame but shame, I propose a new tier of well known people called the Shamous, pronounced similar to Séamas, Seumus, Shaymus or Shamus the Irish forms of James, but not reserved to Irish folk, though I bet some inebriated Ire’s make it on the Shamous map. Why is this news? should they be an article or at most just this little piece saying this guy spent shamous amounts of time playing this game.

If you are still reading and expecting information on Call of Duty 6 : Kill Nazi Everything! I would apologize for misleading you but since you prolly (no typo I like typing it like that) won’t even notice if I don’t, instead go back and read the text on the cover above.

Now i will present you with a very fitting video depicting some of the inanity or fun… that is repetitive gaming as well as something that is bound to offend a few. You have been warned.

you were warned


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