Kreayshawn’s Gucci Gucci is Hip-Hop, BOOM!

So you may have heard of her, if not here’s the gucci gucci video. This rAnt is going to be heavily dependent on you having these videos fresh in your mind soooo nike.

rAnt coming but first, here is sugar hill gang’s* “rappers delight”

Ohtay, here goes. Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Kreayshawn is a Rapper. Let me first address some of the more common objections to her rapness.

her style. her lyrics. her race.

Those three pics, all rappers. yeah yeah many of you are with me on how wack waka is but still, am confident many Kreayshawn haters flock to flocka. Now one may say all three in one is a little much, plus adding in whether her persona is manufactured, and to you I say, be realistic about the music industry of GTFO.

We all have a certain BS meter, and with many of us, that thing is constantly from full dealing with the everyday absurdities we have put in our life that at times when confronted by something that is way less absurd compared to some of our daily routines, we flip out against it since we cannot accommodate any more BS. much, much more on this train of rAnt to come, much more.

Lady Gaga and more recently Nicki Minaj have taken this manufactured thing to another level. Not sure about Nicki’s dedication, but I can picture Gaga sitting at home eating cheerios while dressed as a smorgasbord of cereal mascots. Her persona is deliberate, it is calculated was she born that way, well yeah sure, insofar that it takes a certain type of person to do what she does for what she gets, but not in the sense that she would do it for free. And if she did that’s what mental institutions are for.  It is an industry, artists create an image, sell you that image to sell that song, that drink, that gear, that show etc etc.

Back to that chick Krea.

This Gucci Gucci song was on the radio in Nairobi Kenya 3 weeks ago. This is more of a testament to how communication has advanced, as when I was here over 15 yrs ago, the only current music you had was billboard top 10.  There tended to be a delay of years on getting songs. The first CD my older brother got was Skee lo… ah now this is making me wish i was a little bit younger.

In ’94 I left Kenya when Rappers Delight and songs of that style were still on regular play then got to the states in when these albums like Illmatic, Ready to Die , Hard to earn and Southerplayalisticcadilacmuzik were dropping. I got to the States and there was a big mix of styles. The roots of Hip Hop had a funk influence as can be seen in acts such as Afrika Bambaataa. It was the disco era and some music had a disco tinge. Some of those synthesizery sounds that have a connection to the west coast feel to it, be it Westside connection or yes, Kreayshawn.

She is a rapper.

Is she’s really high in many of her videos? Do some of her songs sound like chipmunk versions of actual songs? Are many of said songs under 2 minutes long? Yes, yes and Yes. But… a lot of rappers toke/ hello, Lil Wayne/ Mixtapes.

She is a rapper

One thing that can be agreed is that Rap begun as mostly feel good have fun music. A big intention was to get people away from crime and violence with a positive involvement in music and dancing. Think of the Rappers Delight video, think of the earliest rap and hip hop. Keep the imagery, lyrics and sound in mind when you watch the Kreayshawn video. Considering the change in time and location, what makes makes it so alien to rapper’s delight but All of the Lights is all right? How different are her lyrics than those in California Love? a song whose video begins with the words “he who controlled the dance-floor, controlled the people.”

We can argue her ability and quality but i don’t think her status as or right to be a rapper is questionable. People who complain that music is not the same anymore are just to lazy to find the music they used to listen to. Don’t turn on basic non ‘satelite-with-5-million-stations-for-as-long-as-its-still-in-space-and-not-crashing-down-on-75%-of-the-earth-in-a-fiery-mess’ radio (tru facts) and expect to find your specific genre of music. You want conscious rap? You can find it. You want hard gangsta rap from actual true hood niggs? You can find it. Whatever niche you want in whatever genre of music you like, you can find it; they didn’t stop making it because you stopped hearing it, you’re not that special

The general popular hip hop music will continue to be songs with danceable beats, smoothly delivered catchy hooks that keep us supermaning, dougieng in one big room, full of bad bitches that don’t bother wearing Gucci, Loius or Prada because basic bitches do.


So before the aforementioned satellite ends your life you can find my boys latest video and some other goodies below


Let us know what you think

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