JFC : Unnexpected Births

Will be creating my own version of this shortly

Will be creating my own version for these posts shortly

We live in a time where a virgin can give birth.

Rather amazing.

With advancements in how stem cells can be created or harvested, it may not be too far of a stretch to imagine a time when someone can use some of their cells; turn them into stem cells, and possibly create a sperm or egg and end up having a child that is in all intensive purposed 100% them.

The JFC category will be about stories and things that make me think JFC!

Let’s open with the topic of reproductive rights. As this is not not only uncontroversial, but completely full or rational level-headed discourse and barren of any double-think whatsoever

watch this short video that is a response/parody of sorts to the first part of the second video.

If you liked that video, I suggest watching some of the other videos on Goodfella’s channel. Some mirthful laughs for those open-minded and not easily butthurt.

now the video that he parodied…i am loathe to link this but…

Just…I mean… JFC!!!

What is going on. You clap for this?!??!!!

Promises are promises, but this should be criminal.


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