So What’s the Good News?

Let’s discuss the ‘MEDIA.’

If you are here from YouTube you have watched the previous video, if not do take a minute and a half  and give it a look.

The internet is pretty much a repository of all the human knowledge ever created. The essentially unlimited access to information that comes with the increases in technology and time has to be a good thing right?

Not so Fast, My Friend! :::Lee Corso Voice*:::

When the printing press first became accessible to the general public it was inundated with general filth and inanity before levels if quality and standards reestablished themselves.

The final inspiration for the above video came while watching “the Listening Post” on Al Jazeera English. A show in where, a part of the media, focuses on the media. A case of the Wolf watching the Hen-house? I try to diversify my sources of news so as to avoid the Echo Chamber effect that mass media lends itself to. This is hearing thoughts you agree with then repeating it to like minded people who repeat them back. You essentially only hear what you already think or say.

Though this effects is evidently the business model of the Major News Media outlets, this is not a new or uniquely ‘Western’ concept. Check your local news. At times here in Kenya, the nightly news broadcasts will lead with essentially the same stories, sometimes in the exact order as the each others. The central aspect of most businesses is profits, keep the seats in the seats and the eyes on the screens and their wallets will be yours. I honestly do not fault them for that.

We like to hear what we like, which tends to be the comfortable things we have heard for years. And understandably, fear and sensationalism have always been great ways to keep us away from the unfamiliar.

So Whats The Good News?

A year ago I had a though time coming to terms with where I was in my life. I came to the conclusion that a big part of what was wrong was what I was in-taking both physically and mentally. Having made a drastic this doesn’t even seem like the right word as to me it was essentially the only thing to do… this should be better Having made inevitably drastic changes to myself, I can for the first time in a while confidently say I am in an entirely better place than I was a year ago.

This post is to introduce one of the projects that came to mind back in 2008. The general fear and inferiority narrative I had running around in my head kept me from sharing and pushing certain ideas and projects. is to be a blog containing good news.

I do not mean to ignore any news involving negative, or even disastrous occurrences, but I will challenge myself and others that post to cover it in as positive a light as possible. For example if you are covering a natural disaster, you can state the damages and casualties, but focus on stories of people saving each-other, or possible advancements in prevention of a recurrence of the tragedy.

This will not be a one man show. I will be looking around for help in developing this idea and providing the content. As the internet is relatively new and underused, it’s actual influence on society has yet to be truly felt. It is slowly but surely changing the way we live and communicate a good argument can be made that how we communicate and how we live are one in the same.

Here are some questions I will try to ask and answer.

What entails Good news, both in content and delivery?

What is the difference between a report (reporter) and information (informant)?

Do those presenting information have a mandate to protect those receiving it?

Got some answers or any questions of your own? For now you can visit, bookmark, rss or some other way keep track of the So What’s the Good News? blog, as I update the blog and develop the structure.

If you are interested in the idea and or have some time to possibly provide and create content please feel free to leave a  comment here or by e mail :

*This is Lee Corso for those who may not know him

this one of for those that do know him


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