Metal, Human-Filled Sausages, Hurtling Through the Sky. Because, Magic.

the air up here

Think about how many humans at any given time are somewhere slicing through the atmosphere.

If you have not flown, I suggest you do. I recommend doing it during the day and and if you can, pick a route over over a large natural feature. It really puts some things into perspective.

I am writing this draft at Minneapolis, Saint Paul Airport, in the midst of an Ameritrip and returning from San Francisco on my way back to DC.

Leaving San Francisco was melancholy due to, not only the amazballosity of the city, but how it made me flash back to when I was departing Rome;  leaving great friends, memories and times.

I carried this damp feeling of dismay, my fellow passengers and I boarded the plane in San Fran. Once in my seat, after taking my usual beginning of trip photos, I decided to scroll through the image gallery.

As I swiped through the last 2 weeks in San, the previous 10 days stays in both Boston and the Ohio Valley area, the wet dark feeling began to dry up. The captured memories continued of the time I spent in DC after arriving Stateside, all the way back to the plans and ideas written, sketched and taped on the walls of my old apartment in Nairobi. Plans and ideas that are now coming into fruition… for the first time in what had been a long day, I had a smile on my face.

A little over a year ago I pretty much lost my isht for various reasons some reasons can be gleaned by reading previous rAnts and others likely to be divulged in subsequent rAnts. There is a possibility that I just gained my isht having been lost to begin with. Regardless, a year later the plans and ideas I had laid out all seem as tangible, if not more so, as I thought they were. All in all, I am having the best year of my life.

Could be due to it being the first year of MY life.

I find myself at the cusp of something great, a realization of years ‘pon years of time and experiences.

Last night after a night out in San Fran, I returned to the apartment of my Bermudian/Canadian/Italian friend, only to spend an hour or so Skyping with our mutual friend in Saudi Arabia about the proper usage, definition and grammar of the words ‘could’ or ‘would.’

My life amazes me.

I love it and those in it.


I edited and post this while on the Vamoose bus to NYC. We are in the city now and in traffic heading towards Penn Station. The plan for the next few days is to continue the goodness and plan for a future home base of sorts to launch more future goodness. I am trying to be more consistent on these blog entries, but a lot of ‘reality’ is currently happening and I have been finding it somewhat challenging to slow down and reduce into rAnt form.

That’s it for now. I’ll sign off with this song that seems fitting


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