Hallowgivingmas’ Eve : Holiday’s Beginings and Endings

carcasses, carcasses everywhere

carcasses, carcasses everywhere

Happy New year, though we are already well into it. The following are some thoughts that have been on my mind for the last few weeks.

Any of you that spent the last few months in the USA likely know know what Hallowgivingmas’ Eve is. The once separate holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and to a lesser extent New Year’s Eve have pretty much melded into one 2 month holiday.

This is by no means a complaint, just an observation.

Admittedly, It’s been 8 years since my last ‘Murican ‘holiday season.’ The comparatively less subdued holiday seasons including a woefully lacking Halloween and criminally absent Thanksgiving in Italy and Kenya, could have made this last season seem far more more intense than it was. United Statians, what say you? Was it one massive 2 month holiday season to you as well? Did you feel some sense of winding down, somewhat burnt out during the first week in January?

Beginnings and Endings

The Calendar year begins as the last ends. Resolutions are made and apparently many vows unmade.

I heard in a random YouTube video that the Divorce rate has begun to noticeably spike during the month of January. This coincided with beginning to see certain stores putting out adverts for Valentine’s day merch.

The Carcasses of Christmas past still laying on street corners as the announcements for more floracide* in the naaaame of loooove, before you breaak… ehh back to the rAnt

In my younger days, when dating was more of an interest, I remember thinking that the approach of Valentines Day would be a good time to re-evaluate your relationship. People would likely decide to break up before having to spend whatever time, money and thought it would take to give a gift to someone when the relationship did not warrant it.

Could that be part of the reason Divorces spiked in January? I thought this was unlikely, as divorce would likely mean you were of an age to have spent significant time and money on not just your partner but their relatives, family and friends over the last 2 months of Hallowgivingmas’ Eve. If you take that into consideration, someone could be contemplating divorce and hold it off due to the upcoming time they will spend with their spouse and any potential children and or relatives, in an attempt to keep that time as civil as can be. On the flipside, the holidays could be what convinces you that it is truly time to part ways. Time to let go and hope for cupids upcoming season to find you some new love, though I assume very few divorces are of the kind where you are out dating less than a month after filing.

the James A Cuddly, LLC blog (great name for a lawyer) had this point to add that I hadn’t thought of in the least:

The financial incentives – While divorce is the legal ending of a romantic relationship, it is also the end of a financial relationship. Because of this, some couples may look to January to begin the proceedings because they want to take advantage of factoring a spouse’s year-end bonus into the equation. Also, having a full year where one can file taxes under “married filing separately” is an incentive.”

Marriage has had a great deal to do with finances. Whether we like to think of it as about love or some deity’s appreciation, the financial aspect is always there. As infrequently as it is brought up in its inception is usually conversely comparable to how frequently it is brought up at its dissolution. For some sobering stuff, think of the divorce of billionaire Harold Hamm. His ex-wife apparently turned down a cheque totaling over $950,000,000. Not the typical case to say the least, but jebus h.

Where did this all come from? This rAnt had some sort of purpose… Celebratory Carcasses! Yes! Has anyone developed Divorce customs? I wonder what they would be, maybe potted seedlings? Plant some tree somewhere every month as a divorce anniversary? I am so starting this as a business, you heard it here first.

I wonder what use someone found for the branches from that stripped trunk

I have had an interesting time mulling over what about our cultures, makes this a custom? Death in order to celebrate. I will look into the history of Cypress trees and Christmas but if i’d venture a guess, its most likely a carry over from its winter solstice celebration roots and the flora indigenous in said winter areas.

With Valentine’s day, it is of course lucrative and flowers are beautiful and usually smell good. That is well and goodbut what about a dead or dying life is part of this. Is this rAnt macabre enough for you? Here are some othether ideas for gifts. A quick option could be flower based drawings, paintings, sculpture, poetry or some other creative thing art. A mixtape(or playlist) of a dozen songs about flowers.

I do look at florists in essentially the same light I look at butchers. The end clients and practitioners tend to differ but they are essentially the same need being met by the similar ‘craftsmen’ that deal with the reality of having that need met.

I recall a labour day afternoon, driving by one of Kenya’s huge flower farms. The workers were leaving the at the end of their shifts. I thought of how amazing it is that these many people, work in those acres of greenhouses, with millions of plants, so thousands of trucks, and hundreds of flights can ship them leagues away so someone can say ‘I love you.’

I do not think people are actively thinking, “to show me you love me end the lives of something pretty and precious,” I shudder to think of the implications of it if this were actually the thought process going on. That being said, sacrificing life has historically been a part of how we show adoration to those whose good graces we wish to remain in or gain, those whom we admire and worship…and fear.


  • *I must mention that I detest how often things are equated to genocide or Watergate. And with many of these plants being grown for the express purpose of being decorative… well this may require a rAnt of it’s own.
  • More Billionaire Divorces because you may have 99 problems but a billion dollars most likely ain’t one. Forbes : Slideshow of Billionaire Divorces
  • Though I often have a video or 2 in mind for each rAnt I do like it when something comes up naturally during the typing. Great voices, lyrics, harmony and song… this song came out in 1965, that’s half a century ago.

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