Iggy and Sia Sitting in a Tree

K.I.S… is that where your mind went?

Sexuality is part of living beings. It is all around us. Drives a lot more than many people like to admit.

Having said that, why do some look for it in some of the most innocuous places and turn a blind eye to other situations?

As a Diplobrat with varied interests, I may not be as ‘plugged in’ to American culture. There could be more to this, but my blog, my rAnt my point of view and possibly yours in the comments.

I am enamored by Sia and becoming less surprised about how certain artists fly under the general public’s radar while other’s whose value is far lesser, get accolades. In late January there was some social media outrage from professional victims about how Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart” video was some sort of pedophilia and/or physical abuse related thing.  This was my favorite song from the album, and find version featuring The Weeknd and Diplo to be the superior rendition. I added it to my watch later YouTube cue. A day or so later and Sia was already apologizing.

I hadn’t seen it yet and after viewing  it…WTF Butthurtians?!! Admittedly many people came to Sia’s defense. Seems more and more people are voicing their disinterest in the ever-whinging-windbags that is the contemporary social media Pro-Vic. Could have been clever marketing if there even was a need for that, or an actual cause for Butthurtians butts’ to hurt.

The ‘Elastic Heart’ video featured the talented Maddie alongside Shia LaBeouf. I have been listening to Sia’s “1000 Forms of Fear” album on heavy rotation for about half a year now, ever since discovering whom she was from the amazing song, “Chandelier.” The accompanying video featured an enthralling performance from Maddie. I can forsee a long future between the two performers where Maddie plays characters throughout Sia’s Videos. Make it an ongoing story, this could become a new industry standard albeit Sia’s social anxiety/phobia and many peoples love of fame.  Similar outfit in both videos. Contemporary, emotive, balletic dance in both. One was a solo performance the other had an older male alongside. This to some people made it pedophilic?

If I could bring myself to care enough, I would hate you people.

Iggy from the title is of the Azelea variety not the Pop one. Here is one of the songs I first heard from her, after Kaliope sent me a YouTube link of this new rapper she wanted my opinion on. Didnt mind the video much then, still kinda Meh about the subject matter today, and continue to like the beats and flow.

Now if you are looking for an example of sexual content with children present? this is something about pro-vics that is amazing, they seem to actively search out vile things. Evolutionary Psychology has some prepositions as to why but still… somewhat fascinating She’s singing about Pussy with a child between her legs. Could older female-younger male be treated differently than older male-younger female? No way, right? We are all the same, right?

Admittedly when I saw this video, it was long before her music was considered to be of the pop genre, thus reducing her exposure to the rather lazy pickers of low hanging fruit that are the modern day Butthurtians, Hashtagtvists and Special Snowflakes, which may have changed as the original video was recently taken down. but yay for the internet, it survives.

The world is such a fearful place for the Pro-Vic. They try to stay within their lil’ bubbles as much as possible.

I may find the care enough to find this despicable rather than just sad.

Happily there is an increasing push-back to these shenanigans, and this picture.

Maddie and Sia

Maddie and Sia

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