Appropriate for a Cult

One cannot spell culture without cult.

Odd how  the accusation of cultural appropriation is at times made by those that identify as the very group that is supposedly doing the appropriating.

I was in Boston some months ago. I was being hosted by some more of my beautiful friends, whom yes, are far better than most of your friends, be jelly, salty and all sorts of green 🙂 . On one cold walk, to get some delectable, gastronomically combative, Colombian takeout for diner, Iggy Azalea came up. My friend, an American of European ancestry, insisted that Iggy had culturally appropriated rap culture, specifically that of the down south variety.

This opinion was not news to me It is shared and espoused by many. some louder than others such as Azealia Banks have accused Iggy of the same.*

I disagree. Iggy is a self proclaimed social chameleon. Her lyrics have covered her actual life. Coming up from Australia, moving to NYC and now where she is. She’s been vouched for by association with people who know far more about ‘Hip-Hop culture’ than I, such as members of A$AP, Lupe Fiasco, T.I. amongst others.

I doubt her marketability has nothing to do with some of these associations, but that marketability is not divorced from her looking like she does and having talent.


Call them Group 1 and Group A.

commentator from Group A explains how a member of Group A has culturally appropriated Group 1. Even if members of Group 1 have seemingly accepted the accused member of Group A, the commentator, will continue to insist that cultural appropriation has gone on.

By insisting, is the group a commentator claiming to understand what the limitations and accepted parameters of Group 1 better than those identified as part of said group? If so, is that cultural appropriation of the groups ability to self define?

This odd… progressive stack** of sorts rears its head in many places. Group 1 telling Group A to not tell them how to act because as members of group a they have no way of knowing what a group 1 experiences or should be like. by this reasoning someone form group 1 will have no right of dictating to group a what to do in the first place.

You do not know what it is to be me so you cannot speak about x. This usually signifies the end of a conversation to me, as what can we talk about if that is a requirement?

Discussing politics and society a few weeks ago, one of the women inferred that I should live a day in her life so I can see her struggles. I use he term ‘woman’ loosely as a simple descriptor, as I do not want to associate such a mentality with Women (i.e. and adult).”Girl” would not do due to her age and that children are less likely to require you to be them, and ‘female’ seems so… I then asked her if she, a California born an raised, currently employed in a managerial position in a San Francisco tech company, is going to tell me about her daily struggles? She left the bar soon after. Not my proudest moment, as I sunk to a certain level by essentially using the same you are not me so wah wah wah argument.

Recall when people used this claim, or when you have used it. In my experience it is well into conversations, after a good number of their points and assertions have been rebutted or disproved.

The shame I felt after looking back on it strengthens my assertion to the inanity of the argument. There may always be someone worse off than you.

Back on some sort of track. In my last post I mentioned that a Greek Friend with amazing taste in music introduced me to Iggy. This was a while before she hit it ‘big.’ Was my friend appropriating American/Australian culture by being aware of a future talent?

The Hip Hop Years created for Channel 4 is a documentary that discusses Hip-Hops roots in Disco, Funk and Soul. It was initially instrumentals and samples with MCing and rapping coming in once the genre was well on its way. The musical offerings at the time were not speaking to those in the inner city communities of NYC. So some DJs took what was out there, modified and built on it to create a new experience. If this cultural appropriation accusation had any merit’ you could very well argue that the genre in of itself was appropriated.  The documentary is how the music wasn’t tied to racial lines but instead to the thoughts, proclivities and tastes of the listener and creators.

The Human race should quit Race-baiting


  • Azalia’s response to Azealia is pure lulz : Billboard link / Azealia Banks may have ‘appropriated’ early hip-hop Beef culture to the modern day twitter arena : Complex Link / She made this song so she is still ok in my book cause twitter beef is just tweets by usually by twits :
  • **Progressive Stack sounds like it should be some weightlifting terminology, but it what it actually is, is rather eww. Wiki link couldn’t find something else that served the purpose but this is the general gist, eww : Group 1 had preferential treatment so us people in group 1 that are better than group 1 will let you form other groups speak before anyone form group 1. preferential treatment to stop preferential treatment.Eeeewwwwww.

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