Fall in Love With a Stripper?

How much does someones occupation matter?

How important is what someone does? How big of a part of who you are is what you do for money? Does it matter if it is legal, moral, lucrative or ‘just’?

Is a gravedigger a digging enthusiast? Does death play a part in it or would they be as content as a farmer digging for planting of life or excavator for the construction of buildings? How many of you have done or are currently doing something just to pay the bills?

I asked a friend for their opinion of me dating a life coach or a stripper.

At first glance the two may be an odd comparison, but consider that both professions are mostly populated by younger, usually attractive females, whose clients come to them to alleviate certain environmental stressors in their life. Money is exchanged for a relatively short and often repetitive session with said professionals to get validation that they may be lacking in their personal life.

The clients, also tend to be using supplementary income to obtain said services. As a sexually dimorphous  species and the sexes value different things. Both receive a boost in self esteem, and some lasting benefits from having someone whose opinions they value point out positive things in them, albeit in somewhat disparate environments. (as it is a common business practice, aren’t there life coaching seminars of large group talks followed by the chance to pay for private consultations?)

Why is one generally praised and the other in general disrepute?


May have been the first and only strip club I ever went to. May have not at all been like the majority of strip clubs.  May have had a crush on someone I met there for a week or so where I wondered if it was their job to seem so cool.

The ability of the professionals and satisfaction of the clients is highly dependent on the establishment of a level of trust followed by the practitioners ability to best highlight believable qualities the client may posses.

The professionals usually do not add or change any of their clients actual skill-set or attributes, but they do give them a more positive outlook on life. Which is quite valuable as long as it remains rooted in reality.

That’s how my mind works. Yay!

Back to my friend. They chose the life coach and added that she had that profession but could also be a stripper. That the stripper could also be a life-coach was not brought up, that she would likely have had a great number or partners was. I objected to this as a stripper and a prostitute are 2 different animals. There is this from an interesting study.

“You are at lower risk of catching an STI if you have sex with a sex worker than if you have sex with a member of the public,” Professor Fairley said.” – theage.com (which makes sense . As it is their profession they would have the extra financial incentive to keep the tools of their trade in the best condition possible, like chefs keeping their kitchens clean etc)

This is from Australia. Read the article before making any rash decisions. And use protection. And get tested. Actually keep it in your pants and/or your pants on haha. Back to the rAnt.

How many strippers are just strippers?

How many of you are your occupation? How many are human doings and not human beings? Think of your friends, now imagine them doing something ‘opposite’ to what they do for a living. Is legality an issue? In that case you could be concerned about their and your safety so that change may end your relationship.

What if the Law changed and made something that was currently legal, illegal, or vice versa? How about Morality? Is it by yours or theirs? As friends I assume you have similar morality, you arguably would have an understanding of what they were doing if you had enough details.

“Success?” This may trump the legality and morality issue. Would you define it by how lucrative it is, the amount of power wielded, lives touched or the maximization of their time and abilities?

This is one of those bridge to cross when you arrive at situations but chaste, body-conscious strippers and nymphomaniac, insecure life-coaches can exist.

  • Possible Butt-hurt due to the life-coach stripper comparison. I find both occupations have their purpose. Think of the clientele of both. This may be due to my own social status but don’t the clients of Life coaches seem to have lives most people would trade theirs for? Does this mean their reality is amazeballs-to-the-walls 100% of the time? Nope, but it can be considered a luxury. As for strip clubs, who has the power? Assuming this involves consensual adults If anyone has the greatest ‘power’ it could be the club owner, but surely not the clients lording power over hapless dancers whether the dynamic is male-female, female-male, male-male, female-female or whatever else.
  • Sexual Dimorphism is related to Evolutionary Psychology which I am really interested in as seen can be read about in these shameless plugs : post about science without morals : post about different ways we define words
  • Video of the post : This Woman’s Work by Maxwell . did anyone else tear up when they first really heard this song?

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