Jameis Winston Retires : is “Too Fat”

Sad to see a young man bullied away from a promising future.

Former Heisman and National championship winning Quarterback of the Florida State University Seminoles (FSU) has decided to retire from Football. Experts projected that he or Oregon Ducks signal caller Marcus Mariota would be the first Quarterback selected in the 2015 draft.

Is society or the media to blame for this?

Winston had earlier made the unusual decision to stay home during the draft and not attend the event as most highly projected prospects usually do. The draft scheduled for April 30-May 2, is moving from Radio City Music Hall in New York City to the Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University in Chicago.

xasbeeynhgjlssa6a8gq-1Speculations were made at his choice to not attend. From a dislike of the cold weather to being close to family and friends for his special day.

We may have now have the answer.

Before the draft rumblings about Winston’s weight had begun to to make the rounds. Getting louder when the photo to the left surfaced of Winston at an elite athlete training camp.

The focus slowly went away from his leadership ability or mechanics to his combine weight of 231. Not even his accusations of sexual misconduct and other brushes with the law (some related to stealing of food! was this a cry for help??) during his collegiate years. He was exonerated and served his punishment for the later and on his pro day he had seemed to put to rest any doubts of the former.

Or so he may have thought. Until the questions about his weight returned.

Why must this continue to happen?

Fat shaming must stop now!

Here are some screen-caps form the News coverage.


People say hurtful things.


It is good to have others who are willing to be in charge of your feelings.


Classifications are a social construct.


Saving victims one hashtag at a time.

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