Mrs. West May not be Much, but is Aware

Just a random musing. Will not use the click-bait name or add to the exposure of that family more than is needed.

I am still listening to “The One” by Kanye West. After his opening verse, a thought that  made me realize I may have been wrong when I disagreed with a friend that said it was sad how hard Mrs. West is trying. That she has to do too much for Kanye. Here are the lyrics then more of the rant.

I’m the one, baby
Yeah, I’m the one, baby
Since God gave his only begotten son, baby
It’s hard preachin’ the gospel to the slums lately
So I had to put the church on the drums, baby
You on a run, baby
You on a run, baby
You think you free but you a slave to the funds, baby
You think you me, but you ain’t me, what you done lately?
Mhm that’s cool but I been runnin on the sun, baby
We on a galaxy the haters cannot visit
That’s my reality so get off my Scott Disick
If you ever held a title belt you would know how Michael felt
Tyson, Jackson, Jordan – Michael Phelps
Yeahhh, had to take it to another realm
Cause everything around me got me underwhelmed
Best way to describe my position is at the helm
Best way to describe my new whip – Yeeeaaaalmmp

Did not like that Yeaaaaaalllmp end but it works in its own way. Guy is clearly talented.

Communion to go because 'Murica! Pic related because Yeezus

Communion to go because ‘Murica! Pic related because Yeezus

Again my friends are amazeballs. I appreciate the times when conversations with them leads me to new lines of thought. Spanks to you Ms. C on this one.

I stick to what I said to you about the two. They seem to deserve each other. They both are large public personalities and seem to thrive from public attention. They both have made questionable decisions in their pubvate…privlic lives? Regardless It seems each of them have a life that can weather each others lives.

The family’s Matriarch has clearly been the driving force behind Mrs. West’s general life trajectory. The family seems to have gained some benefits from that trajectory… well ostensibly the females have even though I would not want to be in their place, the males however… One passed away – so that is a ?. One currently transitioning – could be to a happier place. One, as Kanye alluded to in his lyrics, could be considered a possession, an accessory more than anything – of those who care about the family how many of you care about what he feels or is doing outside of his relation to said family? The last one, depressed – by definition not a happy place.

As for my previous assertion that this is just another swung in Mrs. Wests ladder? A welcome extension and expected result of her minutes of fame? That she has always been a try-hard? I may have been wrong.

Reread those lyrics.

Say what you will about his supposed personality, (I can claim to know few people from what I know about them let alone whatever it is anyone knows about celebrities) but guy has tangible talents. His wife on the other hand… she is one of the most successful reality stars. Essentially living a fabricated, packaged and publicized life.

I doubt she is unaware of this now, if she ever was.

Is she a slave to the funds? Is she asking herself what she has done lately in comparison to him? Is there a title belt for being a fabricated you? If there is, isn’t that title belt going to be passed on to thing 1 or thing 2 whichever or both of the others that Yahoo! keeps putting on their homepage as news? Is she finding herself in a situation where just being her does not seem to be enough whereas for the past, got to be at least a decade, shes just been doing a caricature of herself?

I lost interest a while back. This came after a time of mocking interest, followed by a short while of revulsion and a spell of why are you everywhere? But of course she never was everywhere it was more where I was. As for now, when it comes to her, the feeling I have is something if a little stronger, could be called apathy.

When Kanye penned and released this verse in 2012 in addition to a display of his hard earned talent, he could have been giving a warning.

“…everything around me got me underwhelmed”

Hmm that could work, yes.


She underwhelms me.


  • Pubvate : adjective : Things intentionally done in public with the claim that privacy is expected.
  • Privlic : adjective : Things done in private and intentionally released to the public with denial of any complicity.
  • Video of the post GUAP : because the song in the post featured Big Sean and this hasn’t been stuck in your head for a while, You’re Worth it.

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