Number of Suffering Rises as Condition Falls

I am completing this weeks old draft days after the latest attack in Kenya, where I currently am. That and a few other things have given me pause. There will be a post or more specifically talking about that horrendous act, but this should go out first.

There are two main things that continue to enforce the title of this post to me. The way things should be and the way they are.

The first part is as follows. We can admit that lack of suffering, experiencing prosperity, being in good health and other similar states are the way things are expected to be. So much so as to be considered normal.

Waking up with ones fingers in working order is somehtign that is generally taken for granted. If you wake up one day to some cat nibbling on your finger, that will be a far more memorable occurrence than the mornings that came before.

This is a good thing. I will be worried when we start ignoring the wrong.

If after reading about the finger nibbling story from a few different sources, you claimed there is an epidemic of cats with the taste for humans and started sleeping in metal mittens, ignoring that the person had not fed their cat in days and passed out after drunkenly eating a tuna-casserole with their hands the night before, then you may be overreacting.

This brings us to the second part, the way things are.

We are better at collating information.

The fact you even heard of tuna-casserole cat person is partially due to this.

Here is a thought experiment of sorts.

Picture an area of 50 square miles in 1965 comprised of 100 homes. Over a year 50 homes were broken into. Due to lack of information gathering and sharing, 10 break-ins were general knowledge to any one person. So that is a total percentage of break-ins at 50%, with the general populace is aware of 10 break-ins estimating that insecurity is about 10-15%

Fast forward to 2015. That same 50 square mile area is now compromised of 1000 homes. Over the last year 100 homes were broken into. It is the information age, so 90% of those break-ins were widely reported, and the other 10% discussed in general conversation. Though the percentage of break-ins is at 10% the general populace is clearly aware of 90 break-ins, and having heard of a few unreported break-ins could estimate that the insecurity is at about 20-25%.

This is how something can be better yet seem worse.

what one Hilltopper thought were problems back in 2003

what one Hilltopper thought were problems back in 2003

Imagine the having the current news media during the World War. Think of the morale of people. The number let alone the percentage of military casualties is far lower today than it was in these good old days so many speak of, yet the coffins returning draped in flags were banned from American TV.

Arguably the technology to have the current access to and sharing of information negates the chance of something like the world war 2 occurring. There is a correlation between advances in technology and better living conditions.That it has occurred and we know it is a deterrent. What do you imagine would happen if an entire swath of a nations population began to send messages of actual massacres. If the relatively inconsequential subjects of 1st world hashtivism are actually even given lip-service, what would it be for actual horror?

Protestors in the street, you may have valid claims, most of you are actually non-violent, but is it truly just like or what was being protested by the historical giants you claim to stand shoulder to shoulder with?

Information is a powerful tool. It gives us more chances to rightfully identify aberrations for the harmful things they are. We are also faced with far more that is ‘good’ yet not worth commenting on. It can be dark out there, but the way some speak of the world today, the utter fear they must live in to see things that way. Its horrid. to see the world as a place bereft of good. I was in a darker place once, but woke up to reality.

One of the luckiest things of my life has been the perspective it has granted me. I plan to share that with future children, I have done so with friends and hope to do so with you through this blog and other means.

Be aware of the bad, the potential for harm may be higher than ever, but do not forget the good.

As Edmund Burke rightfully put it, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Evil may be just as well served if enough good men were distracted by what are essentially non-issues.

  • Podcast suggestion : Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History : I will likely need a separate post to go into the glorious way that Dan Carlin handles this material. truly brings it to life. From Ghenghis Khan to the Spanish-American war, ahh you should like history, and if you do not this could be how you begin. click the link, his site got a sweet redesign and enjoy.
  • Video of the post : Who was Edmund Burke interesting on the french revolution, if you have the time read up on the various revolutions they had. (left-leaning readers, do not be a butthurtian due to the messenger)
  •  Second Video of the post : 1774 Speech on a motion to repeal the Tea Duty. Powerful stuff, makes me want to check out those channels that stream parliamentary proceedings…ehh that’s a lie.

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