This is Nairobi : Travel

I have been working on a post containing some thoughts related to the recent attack in Garissa attacks and the general atmosphere in Kenya at the moment. It is a heavy subject and has gone through a few drafts as I attempt to say what i want to in the best way. In the meantime, here is an image based post on some of the various modes of commuting available here in Nairobi.

I’ll see about getting getting my thoughts together on the aforementioned post. it may be a long one but ill try to get it out by tomorrow.

  • Go Getter Jet Setter Site with 33 Facts that make Flying Ultra-safe : on the pictured prop plane, I was on my phone searching for info on flying and storms, especially in prop planes. They are designed to handle it and in general rain or other precipitation does not affect the planes ability to fly in the least.
  • Video Of the Post : Short clip of the Bike event in those last two images.

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