This is Nairobi : Billboards

In this post of the This is Series I will cover the Billboard situation in Nairobi.

Visual advertising in the form of Billboards are still commonly used. Though a majority of Nairobians have cell phones, a good percentage of those being smart phones, the move to digital advertising via television and internet is not quite realistic. With the amount of people out and about walking on a daily basis static advertising is still very beneficial.

There are various types of advertising including huge roadside adverts, small ones placed on light-poles, walkways painted and branded. I have seen some ingenious and inventive adverts that take advantage of the medium but most of it is standard fare that you’d usually find in a magazine. In most cases with less words and more images as most people reading them would be in motion. Ill let the Gallery do its own advertising.

There are several types of Billboards. One i had not previously seen are some which mechanically switch between two images using some slats. One was erected spanning Waiyaki Way. A few days later it was down. Apparently the right permits had not been paid, or that’s what there general talk was, and down it came.

I have become somewhat used to seeing them, but I do object to how obtrusive they are. Some locations you could be otherwise enjoying some open vistas of nature or cityscape only to have this obtrusive marketing present… quit product placmenting my visual enjoyment!

  • Video of the post : Psychology and Advertising : This neat lil animation that fits the theme of this post. Am currently thinking about marketing strategies for a few business ideas. Kenya…the world in general poses a challenge with the vast differences in expectations and interests brought by Technology and Globalization.

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