Florence + the Machine of Good

Florence is back. I could look this up to confirm it but it seems she may be creating a video based story using the songs form the upcoming Florence + the Machine Album, ‘How Big How Blue How Beautiful.’ How many stories in videos claimed ‘to be continued’ and were never heard form again? There was the R.Kelly and Mr Biggs story that went on for 2 videos but I cannot recall any others at the moment.

Well on to the videos. Not much to rAnt about just giving exposure to the awesomeness that is good music.


Lovely magnificent song. So excited to hear the new material.

I usually do not like contemporary dance or choreography, but when i do its stuff like this.

That was Part 2 of the How Big, How Blue Odyssey

4th release from the upcoming album. Such a handsome, captivating  force of talent she is.


website : Florence and the Machine.net

wiki : Florence and the Machine

YouTube : FlorenceMachineVEVO

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