Bill Burr on Brady’s Balls



4 game suspension for Tom Brady and a $ 1 Million fine. For deflated balls. In a game the Patriots won 45-7. I’m not going to go into this much. Or link to it. It is absurd. Laughable. SMFH. This is a post about Bill Burr, Comedian extraordinaire. His stand up is hilarity personified, and am a long time listener of his podcast. I most likely heard about it after listening to YouTube videos of Louis CK’s guest spots on the Opie and Anthony radio show. Some of these included Bill Burr and the late Patrice O’Neal (another hilarious and truthful man). After further searches of Bill and Patrice’s content I found videos of his Podcast show, titled the Monday Morning Podcast. It is lovely. Language and subjects are for adults that are not easily butt-hurt… by facts. This blog is not called Rant A. Tonne because I dislike rants. As such I must metaphorically take my hat of to a definitive rant he gave in one of his latest Podcasts. The Image above was something he suggested in one of them so I decided i’d do it and take this time to continue on my intention to suggest quality material for your listening pleasure. Videos and links below.

That was from his recently added Thursday Morning Podcast. The followup from his Monday Morning Podcast is next.

And there we have it. You know who is waiting  to hear from him on his Thursday Morning Podcast now?? this guy I’m pointing both thumbs at myself like the coolguy I am when no one can see me. Now the links

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