What if Baby talk is an actual language that we do not understand?

That lovely creature in the picture above constantly chatters away, both to himself and in reaction to others. He usually attentively listens to recordings of his chattering and more often than not breaks into lil’ radiant, joybeam-emanating smiles.

His reaction to my attempts at imitation is sometimes jovial but it is just as often somewhat dismissal stay still my weeping heart šŸ˜„ .

He laughs, cries, discovers new things by the moment. He is not directly taught much of what he does, none of us were, we just innately did things. Many of you have interacted with babies. Many have been transfixed by the way they grow. From looking somewhat like a potato (hehe Lunut is quite nutty) to the daily development into a lil’ human. For example when they finally begin to roll onto their tummy. Then the attempt to raise their head as they work their neck muscles. Eventually they figure out how to prop up on their arms before attempts to bridge up. I tried to help a bit by lifting from his hips but all that resulted in was lifting him off the ground as he stiffened up.

As I discussed with my sis, how would one teach another to get up onto your arms and knees? Where does one even start on that, who remembers learning it or even just doing it? Hmm some physical therapists may know.

So, about that title. Can you venture to guess what I mean by Babysong?

Give it some thought before reading the next paragraph that begins my explanation. The idea crystallized during a conversation with Ssan , after which IĀ  explained that some of the ideas I come up with seem so plain and basic that if they had any validity someone else would have thought of them already and/or found them unworthy of general societal proliferation.

Okay, here we go, into the rabbit-hole. What if the general noises, inflections and other aural output by babies is actually a legit language. What if the baby heard words, sounds, music the voice of the person carrying them etc but these sounds came in through the amniotic fluid and were muffled and changed. In addition to this, they could have experienced these sounds along with the biological, hormonal accompaniment of the reaction their future birth mother was having at the time.

The sounds in the womb could sound similar to whale song. They could be attempting to communicate with tone and other signals that we have forgotten. Hence their reaction to our garbled attempts to communicate in that manner, with possible correct parts creating the same elation in them that we feel when they begin saying words we understand. (I have tried Humming words or talking with my lips closed…nothing to report yet)

Now into a rabbit hole inside the rabbit hole that contains a black hole.

We have seen interactions at a micro level. We may not ascribe conventional awareness to these things but they are undeniable. There could be some underlying communication from when the dividing cells first realized they were dividing together to create something. ‘grown’ humans and animals do communicate with body language and pheromones even if we are not completely aware of it.

Could the undeniable joy of a babies laughter be the transition of the cellular signal for things going well, and the just as undeniably attention grabbing sound of crying, be the signal for distress?

Gestation could scientifically be referred as a parasitic relationship (though it is usually at least half the genetics of the in most cases happy and willing host) It would be in the growing beings best interest to be very aware of how the host is. So developing an understanding, a language, is not so far fetched is it?

It could be a personal language of the environment of that particular womb. You could record baby talk from siblings and see if there are similarities, or see if twins and such have a certain communication… and between non directly related babies the languages could be similar since the womb environment is rather similar across the board of human physiology. Think of it like Latin based languages of French, Italian and Spanish having crossover and some understanding between speakers.

So the language grows and develops as they develop. Then once out and about in the world, full of these large lumbering nourishment and protection providing beings who seem hopelessly unable to communicate with them, babies then choose the wiser decision and learn the simpler and at the same time more convoluted language the large ones use.

Ssan mused that I should research this, write a book and make millions. I will use this and many other similar ideas in an animation/game/comic and possible books eventually… but for now will check to see if any research has been done into this. Seems there has to have been, I would be grateful if any of you could suggest some.

Language is likely something that just was not needed and then adopted when found to be beneficial. Just like they begin to control their limbs and develop muscles, they do the same with their tongue and vocal chords. A bit :/ but amazeballs either way.

I have had the honour to spend time with the lil’ guy. Many times wondering how awful it must be, to have such a wobbly neck, and how novel it must be for pretty much everything you do being the first time you have done it. I heard him laugh for the first time a few weeks ago, likely be a memory I carry to my grave.

a babyslaughter3am

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