Fuller House Already Full of It…

That one time I was in San Fran and walked by the Tanner House

That one time I was in San Fran and walked by the Tanner House

I do not mean an ‘It’ of the factor variety.

I’ve already had my fill of Fuller House. I enjoyed “Full House” for several of my childhood years. Can hardly recall an episode but it was an enjoyable. Know two people who likely remember a lot of those episodes and very possibly not in an affectionate manner? Most likely Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen.

By the year 2000 :::Conan voice*::: they had been in over 30 Films and acted in about 195 Television show episodes. They Headlined a good number of these productions and starred in most, including a guest spot in the marvelous update of The Little Rascals**;

I’ll add this to the Olde American Paradox series of posts that I lead off with on my return to posting here on Rant A Tonne. These two children, now women, had earned more than most of us will do if we live to 80 through long hours of working by the by the time they were 15. So why is it so bad if they retire in their 20’s?

I recall being somewhat intrigued after finding out twins played the character of the youngest Tanner on the show. This made sense as I slowly got to know more about what it takes to put on a show. Now that I am rather well versed in it, would I let my kid do this? ‘No way Jose!’ There is a TV movie based on the making of Full House where the parts of Ashley and Mary-Kate will be played by 3 sets of twins. Even accounting for today’s likely much improved working conditions, and a shorter production, they chose to go with 3 sets.

This isn’t a leave the poor lil’ Olsen twins alone post. They may still be relatively lil’ in stature but are in not longer poor in most senses of the word. Their entire family was quite sufficiently monetarily compensated for what those two marvelous children did, and they did a lot. They had an empire of celebrity before any current mogul I can think of. They were a global brand. One could say that some of today’s bigger names ‘appropriated’ the blueprint they created in terms of marketing and having essentially any kind of entertainment and merchandise you could likely have two children sell.

Why are people all waaahh waaah about them choosing not to relive the past in this likely doomed to mediocrity rehashenanigans?

How many of you older in your late 20’s or above have watched “Girl Meets World“? I had fonder memories of “Boy Meets World” than of “Full House” into my adulthood, in no small part due to crushing on Topanga quite hard during my adolescence (there will be a post on this term in the near future, quite interesting how it came to be) and was somewhat excited when upon hearing the initial rumblings of the new reunion show. When finding out the story would be featuring Corey and Topanga as Parents i mentally nodded in approval. I watched a clip somewhere and had the impression of this isn’t badly put together but I am no longer in the target demographic. It could be interesting to watch with your kids if you were watching it in your younger age, but alas I have none, nor the urge to watch an episode. Again, likely due to crushing on Topanga during my adolescence. Damn you Corey, we were meant to be!!!

What am I on about? Where is the is paradox? It lies in the reasons why some people are hurt of butt (looking at you Stamos!) over Ms. and Ms. Olsen’s reasonable decision to sit this out.

I often click on certain headlines, skim the predictable ‘reporting’ and go read the comments. Its part of my people-watching hobby. The number of articles covering this reunion seem somewhat excessive but may be an example of how the general public felt about the show during it’s original run. I have been avoiding most of them but did click on an article where Jodie Sweetin stated that the character of Michelle Tanner will still be a part of “Fuller House.” The first comment, which served as the inspiration to write this post, was as follows :

“Wondering why the twins aren’t coming back. Are they too busy doing absolutely nothing?”

Ehhhh doing nothing?

My default comment setting on this particular site lists the ones with the most replies first, again the people watching. The first 3 responses proposed that they were likely having the childhood they missed out on, that they were busy letting go of the past and that they actually are rather well off from what they already did so why continue to act?

I agree with those responses. Odd when people do not consider the reasons why people do things… They began acting when they were both a year old. You cannot say they chose this. Once they got older and had some choice in the matter, they could have been doing it as it was what they knew and quite lucrative. Do you work to work? Do things just to do them? Would you really do ‘nothing’ (If even possible, doing nothing is something and quite a luxury at that) with the earnings you had from years? Even if enough decisions had been made to make that money ‘work’ for you?

These are the Olsen Twins. ‘Their’ Olsens. Mary-Kate and Ashley. Michelle Tanner. They came up pre-internet. They were characters. Even when in public they were characters. In non “Full House” productions, they were characters. (one of those being a Michelle Tanner guess spot on “Hanging with Mr. Cooper”!?Was there some crossover i missed or have since emptied from my memory banks?) Could it have sucked for them the entire time? Would they even have known that it sucked? I do not know, but they do now. I can imagine them having come to the realization of what they went through and thinking ‘Nope, not going to deal with it, had enough of this nonsense. We are peacing out of here like that one Llama on those shades.’

llamacantdealI made a consented effort to not use the three descriptors used in start of the previous paragraph. When you think of them are those the general three you use? Even when you think of them as the two separate people they are, you likely default to the marketed order of Mary-Kate and Ashley. In the pre-internet media reality you did not know much about the people behind these characters. It was easy to discount their that they are humans with actual independent wants and needs in favor of whatever prepackaged interaction you had with them. Topanga was ingrained in my mind as Topanga long before I ever registered the name Daniele Fisher. Why pay attention to the credits if I can’t Google her to find more news, pics and other info?

Although, the comment sections have been more promising of late despite (or hopefully due to) the general quality of the articles continuing to drop, but this sentiment of someone ‘doing nothing’ is not new. Something similar happened when Ricky Williams retired from professional American Football in 2004. He had achieved a great deal, earned a substantial amount and decided to move on to something else. Retirement is common but when you are a public figure, especially one of celebrity that is held in high esteem, there exists an amount of ownership people assume of you. If choosing to do what you want includes opting out of what may be a dream of theirs, you somehow devalue it and by association them.

I’d like to Wrap this rant up now. That last paragraph gave me an idea of how to go about another post that’s been on my mind. May Draft that and go on to other things.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to chime in on the comment section after the two Videos of the Post because I could not decide, and because the internet.

  • **In High School there was a rumor that one of the English teachers acted as Darla in the Original series. You know what wasn’t a rumor? The classmate that took a piss in a corner during one of her classes. Oh cripes, just IMDBed that isht. She was on the show, not as Darla but as Jean. There wasn’t even a Darla!!! Who was that imposteress in the update!!! I love Alfalfa’s line when he runs into the goons in this great scene (if released today I wonder if this would require a trigger warning due to the catcall of Spanky, likely not as he is only acting as a female).

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