Today’s Unresearched Dalliance (TUrD) : Not as Smart as You Think

I’m taking back the word, haha.

This will be a new category of posts that contain random isht. They will likely contain an image or other media that may or may not be related. They, as the title suggests, will not contain a focused theme nor be the results of even the basic direct research done on the usual posts. They will instead, much like the acronym suggests, be results of a mental system much like that all life goes through in a physical sense, be the results of information, ideas and inferences I have consumed.

As turds tend to, these TUrDs may stink. The accompanying media will attempt to be a freshener of sorts to make them somewhat more manageable. As with feces, this isht may be garbage to some, treasure to others (ask anyone that’s familiar with farming, your veggies grow in poop)  and may prove to be sources of future rAnts and projects I have in mind.

Feel free to comment. Always good to point out isht. Tends to be good to help them avoid stepping in the wrong direction.

Dumb vs. smart people and their resulting world view from spending most of their lived experience in their minds.

As we spend most time with our minds it is understandable to project your point of view on others. Though the means of measuring intellect can be contentious, we can agree that there is a bell-curve of low to high ability albeit in different ‘spheres’ of competence. It may come down to experience vs inexperience, but this does not discount the actual person going through or missing said exposure.

What color is a daisy?

What color is a Daisy flower?

My thought is as follows, smart people tend to think things are harder than they are and dumb people the opposite. I am also assuming that people tend to think better of others and have humility about themselves. Very few people think they are very intelligent and far fewer think they are dumb. In fact being on the each end of the bell-curve makes it so. The smarter realize how much more there is to know and the dumber does not have the ability to realize their lack of intelligence.

If this is true, a smart person could look at issues in society and thinking most people are around as smart as they are, come to the conclusion that there must be something they have missed in their analysis of what is clearly far more complex of an issue. Resulting in them keeping their thoughts and ideas to themselves until they have put in the appropriate research to confidently share them.

When it comes to one of less intelligence, they will assume everyone is of around their intelligence and think that society’s issues could be fixed by the quite simple things and ideas that they hold. Often coming down a solutions the need to be done harder, longer or require some other form of increased capital investment, ie, money, which is essentially a representation of strength and time and other forms of capital.

Viewing reality in this light with the astute observation made by comedian George Carlin said, ‘Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.’

Makes the sense.

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