TUrD : Rachel Dolezal is Clearly Transracial

Okay, okay, okay. You may have heard the story of Rachel Dolezal, and though I have intentionally been avoiding ‘breaking news’ to both avoid being too click-baity and to let some of these stories flesh themselves out… well things like this are why I set up the category of Today’s Unresearched Daliance.

Rachel Dolezal is/was the president of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for those not in the know), chair of the city’s Office of Police Ombudsman Commission, and an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington University where she taught Africana Studies… Africana. Studies.

whom do you see in these pictures?  Either way you are racist

Whom do you see in these pictures? Either way you are racist

She is currently being accused of not being African-American, as she states, but white.

She was, after all, raised by White parents and born of a white woman. (so was the current American president but his mom and upbringing shouldn’t count because reasons) Her parents claim that Rachel Dolezal has been deceiving the public by claiming African American status and participating in life as such.

I say NAY! Let us raise the awareness and stop the oppression of the Transracial Community all around the world. Too long have they suffered in silence. Forced to pretend to be the identity that society places on them due to the skins they were mistakenly born in. This injustice is not limited to her skin, as she is an inter-sectional case of a Transcontinental-Transracial woman. Born on the North-American Continent of parents who identify of the European continent but herself identifying as one of the African continent.

PFFTTT nah, okay I can’t do this hahahahahhaha.

People like to Identify and label things, It would not be surprising if she claimed Transracial status and that begun to be a thing. Not sure I’d consider that a bad thing. ‘Black’ Parents have given birth to ‘white’ children. I actually ranted about a case where they twined this situation twice. (Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black and White, Your Sisters Were First) If you think about it, something similar to this had to have happened if as Mrs DoLezal pointed out, “We’re all from the African continent.”

I am currently on that continent. I have been accused of not being ‘black’ enough by people who have never been on this continent, nor have a relative or other close acquaintance that was has been born here let alone been here. That most of my direct relatives have never lived out of the African country they are in, should have nothing to do with my Blackness ’cause what is that really? Albinism is something that I encounter here more often than in the ‘white’ world. Could this have been part of where white people came from? Albinos kicked out of pre-history tribes of black-skinned people. Nah, most likely had more to do with the skins ability to take in or reflect the sunlight giving people of certain complexions and advantage in different climates.

The Washington Post article titled “‘Are you an African American?’ Why an NAACP official isn’t saying.” has more on this lady, but I think it and others get this wrong. African means you hail from or are a citizen of one of the many countries on the African continent. I know many non ‘black’ skinned Africans that have lived here far longer than I and have much more connection to the culture and other things that make the place ‘home’ to them.

Those that have issue with Rachel Dolezal do not care about Africa. ‘Black’ is the matter.

When people speak of blackness WTF are they really on about? Does it really matter? If something matters to me I do my best to define the parameters of what that thing is so I can know when i have it and when I may loose it.

I’m done with this for now, wasn’t going to post today, got things to do. Making some Rabbit samiches ‘n avoiding Mosquitoes.

Want more of my thoughts on race? You know you do

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P.S. ‘white’ people are a minority in the world. Do with that what you will 😛

That was Todays Unresearched Dalliance, where I share some thoughts I have yet attempted to confirm. May be pointless, false or gold. Feel free to comment below if offended, in agreement or otherwise inclined.

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