The Most Famous African-American Woman is…


Charlize Theron.

Pictured above in not half-Blackface, because it is actually black stuff on her face, and also her aforementioned ethnicity being that of an American of African Descent (AAfroD for short? ‘Afroed’ hahahah, sooooo racist). She is however clearly appropriating black hairstyles.

Had a random thought the other day about the general social handling of ‘ethnic’ violence in mostly the United States of America. (I do not want to continually place quotation marks on words such as ethnic, black and other signifiers throughout this and other posts… They are used in ways to identify groups but these ways seem rather fluid and heavily loaded depending on the situation and person(s) using the term(s)) The thought was mainly centered on those of the AAfD, or better yet due to the at times aversion of discussion could be AmAfriD (ImAfriad), communities.

This may be taken as in bad taste by some readers, especially due to the recent abhorrent murder of 9 people in a church by a clearly disturbed individual with many issues, a large one being some oddly compartmentalized racist views. There are reports that this persons intention was to begin a race war. It is stated that they almost did not go through with it because the people he executed had been so nice for the hour they sat together. This hour was not enough to undo the declarations made during the shooting. The conversations and time spent with a good friend of African descent was not enough to undo his racism.

Racism is a lot. Rational is not one of those things.

I would have felt it improper to not mention the killing of those 9 people, before continuing. Now that I have here is the thought.

Is the true racism shown by how little consideration black on black crime is given?

It was an ‘AHA’ moment for a few seconds until thinking continued. Though the black lives matter movement, may be better stated as who takes black lives matters, it not only does not make for an easier hashtag #WHOTAKESBLACKLIVESMATTERS but it may make those reading it focus on what led me to this thought. Who exactly takes the most black lives?

Invariably the answer will be other black people.

This is not unusual as more Asians kill other Asians, more Australians kill other Australians, pretty sure more Eskimos kill other Eskimos. Australians are not, and even Eskimos may not be, a race but the point I am trying to make, is that similar people congregate together; a small number of people kill other people; in most cases that small number kills people around them; which will mostly be those of a similar race to the killer.

In a previous post, “Annoying Sayings : I Am Not Racist But…” I discussed the difference between racial and racist. It may be unavoidable to not hold racial decisions, even if your definition of race is that of the human race. The number of truly racist people, is much smaller. This is almost certainly true of the industrialized world, where there is a larger understanding of the world. It is society I have spent the majority of my life interacting with and the one I tend to think about.

I can attest that tribalism (which is foundational to racism) is still alive and well in some places populated by people whom a typical 1st world racist would think of as all the same. The majority of the worlds population is not yet in the urbanized world but I still hold to true racism to be in the minority. For example you may find a a Kenyan that has a general mistrust of Nigerians, be fond of a professional team in Europe partially because there is a Nigerian player on their squad.

Do these deaths across racial lines stick out more due to their possible racist motivations? I think the answer is yes. I do not see much issue with that. I do however have issue with the hysteria that follows not to mention what goes relatively unreported during said hysterics and the methodology used to which issues gain traction.

It is not a simple issue of number of those affected, a questionable death in a place you can relate to matters more than multiple deaths in a school in some far of location some far of ancestors may have come from. It is not the facts of the case as evidenced by countless examples where the outrage has occurred before information is made available, continued after information has been proven to be false or in some cases delayed to the point where it seemed the issue was a non-issue…Could that be it? the relative undecided nature of the issues?

Not who but how.

It is a contributing factor if the deaths involve ‘persons of authority.’ Just how much is uncertain as there was an occasion with a clear 8 shot gunning down of someone that was in all intensive purposes fleeing that has yet to elicit much apparent outrage.

I doubt the horrendous shooting in South Carolina will result in direct demonstrations or riots. There may be the occasional objection to the, decision to take down and ban the Confederate flag in its various political and social places. This is not only politically expedient, but is a sign of the reduced level of blatant racism. Politicians and businesses are smart enough to at least try and follow the general mentality of their shared consumer base.

My thoughts on taking down the flag are, yes, this is a sign that people are less racist. No, it will not make any current racist any much so. It may actually increase their racism. As knee-jerk as you may think taking it down is, the minute chance that not seeing it may reduce any reinforcement of some of the negative connotations it holds may be quite enough of a reason to do it. Time changes.

I found it much easier to have misgivings about the United states before living there. I recall having very clear fears from watching a movie or show that had some KKK members burn a cross in some families yard. It was in the early 90’s therefore the film was form the early-mid 80’s and that sort of entertainment also made me expect almost all the vehicles to be large boxy and wood wood-paneled. Neither were the case. This is partially why I suggest to any American readers that they should take the various “what the world thinks of America” articles with a grain of salt. Ask yourself how accurate your opinions of other places are.

So, is the true racism shown by how little consideration black on black crime is given?

No. What is black really?

Tribe mentality is a result of the in-group out group tendency we as humans have. These tribes are not clearly defined on racial lines. Kenya has around 43 million people. I would say maybe 2-3 million are not of majority ‘black’ ancestry. If the population of black people in the United States is roughly 40 million, how many of those have much in common with the average Kenyan from any of the distinct 42 communities? When one says African-American how representative is it of the 1.1 billion people in any of the 54(2 disputed) countries on the continent of Africa?

The title may have been as misleading as this end is abrupt, but eyyyy that’s how some of these rAnts go. I was intending on completing a draft of a post that includes reasons I have hope for this increased inclusivity of the human race. Feel free to share thoughts in the comments and if you can your answers to these questions. What is black to you? What does African-American signify? When someone says we need ‘honest discussion on race,’ what do you think they mean?

Guess who has black kids? Africans. Checkmate racists!

Know who has black kids? Africans. Checkmate racists!


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