Annoying Sayings : Mechanization and the ‘Agenda of the Wealthy’

This will be an intro to my annoyance at the over-usage of statements related to ‘The Agenda of the Wealthy,” and the possibly related aversion to mechanization (possibly stemming from a lack of introspection and view of place in the world). I will expand on some of these issues in later rants as I have intended to for a while. For now I will just intro it and post a bit of an exchange on a YouTube video.

Japan has long been a fascinating place to me. So I was very glad to find the videos by Shi-Nu Asami discussing the current social realities involving the effects of the Herbivore Man movement in the country. This term, and the ‘Dried-Fish Woman’ counterpart for females, is used to identify those that have opted out of traditional roles of work, family and probably most importantly reproduction. Shi-Nu Asami correlates this to the rise of MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) and the current 3rd wave Feminism in the Western world. If you are unfamiliar with these terms you can google them to find out more but they are not too important for the purpose of this rant.(MGTOW JAPAN Herbivore men and how PDA and government is killing the Japanese people. Provocative title huh? first of his series if you are interested in more)

Apparently not the men they are looking for

Apparently not the men they are looking for

Japan’s estimated population in 2014 was 127,103,388, with a birth rate of 8.073/1000 and a death rate of 9.38/1000 resulting in a -0.13% population growth (Based on figures from index mundi) The urban population is over 95% and the native Japanese population is 98.5% so it is not due to lack chances for men and women to interact, nor a unfamiliarity with the potential mates. It is most likely due to a disconnect with expectations and a dissatisfaction with the rewards involved in relationships and childbearing.

Japan has an established history of having very strict immigration standards. This has preserved the indigenous culture and makes it quite interesting to study as a contained environment. The infinitesimal amount of permanent immigrants has a relation to the penchant of the culture to mechanize which tends to improve the general quality of life of people.

One could argue that the culture itself mechanizes the people to an extent that robotics were more natural to the Japanese than it would be to many other cultures but that is for another rant.

A comment thread in the latest Shi-Nu Asami video touched on the advances in Robotics that the Japanese are making. Some of the leaders in the field have explicitly stated that robots may be a solution to taking care of the large aging population. IN a society where The eldest son is in general expected to take care of his parents in their older age, the reduction in births and workplace participation is a tangible problem.

Someone had this to say in the comment section :

Robots may help as a stop gap, but also furthers the agenda of the wealthy to increase disposability of native born working class people.

Why hire a taxpayer when you can replace them with a cheap replaceable illegal immigrant without having to spend extra cash giving them safety equipment, medical care, etc?

Or, if you have a little extra cash, why not robotize your workforce like McDonald’s is looking to do? They’re the biggest in fast food industry and already looking to mechanize the second the workers stand up to demand $15 an hour.

I felt the need to respond :

Cost benefit analysis is done by all living creatures. This idea of ‘the wealthy’ is trite and though i hate the term is indicative of privilege.

how many people use vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dishwashers, cars etc instead of hiring maids, or supporting a huge industry of horse drawn carriages? Down with television and internet, lets being back town criers and plays for our information and entertainment. The minority of the world lives in the ‘developed’ nations, and quality of life of the general poverty level of many of those places is higher than middle class in the rest of the world.

Advancements in Technology free humans up to pursue other things. Free humans to have a concept of leisure time.

The agenda of the wealthy… Down with all mechanization, lets go back to 95% of us being employed with farming related work.

It is hard for things not to be relative. It is hard to see outside of your lived experiences. It is hard to relate to others, to see the bigger picture. It is easy to ignore behavior and tendencies that we have that when expressed by others are considered vices.

The worlds population is 7,162,119,000. North America is populated by 565,265,000 which is 7.89% of the world. If you add the population of Western Europe (192,060,000), Oceania (36,659,000) and the far east (Japan 127,103,388 and South Korea 51,302,044) the additional 5.68% which should make up the mostly undisputed countries that hold the title as developed, 1st world, industrialized etc* you have 13.57% of the world where majority of the wealth** resides, or at least where the quality of living is though of to be quite above the rest of the world.

I do not have a washing machine. Haven’t used over the latest 4+ years living here. From what I have surmised most households do not. Many have live in house-help, a good number at least hire temporary house-help to come in once or twice a week to clean clothes and/or the home. You could pay someone close to $4 to clean all your clothes. Which takes the better part of a day. Those employed by the middle-class and above, especially those that are live in, will in turn hire other house-help to take care of their house. They feed, clothe and put their children through school on these wages. They start businesses with money saved from helping others with their home.

I doubt the person that made this comment would argue against mechanization in the form of washing machines for those in developed nations, even though it would make certain jobs obsolete. I wash my own clothes. It seemed off to pay that for someone else to do it. It often annoys me and I try to look past my valuation of the $4 and try to look at it from the point of view of the person that would potentially receive that money, but I’m still here working out my schedule of washing a little bit every other day. (This is somewhat more of an annoyance after the months spent in the States last year that reintroduced me of the convenience of mechanical clothing and dish washers)

I doubt the person who made the comment above is quite aware of how franchises work when he brought up McDonalds. I doubt many in favour of a $15 dollar minimum wage are truly cognizant of the margins in running businesses. The effect it will have on not only for the larger ones but the smaller or yet to be created ones.

Lack of awareness does not reduce my annoyance to allusions of the ‘agenda of the wealthy and/or elite’ or the aversion to mechanization, especially from those who are ostensibly enjoying or directly using the tech that resulted from said agenda.

That’s it for now. More on these subjects later. Somewhat annoyed.

  • *I would argue that Urbanized population should be the ones considered Industrialized, developed or 1st world. Cities such as Dubai, St.Petersburg, Shanghai, Nairobi, Capetown and Sao Paolo are comparable to most ‘first world’ cities yet are in countries considered second or third world – more on the classifications of First, Second and Third World from One World Nations Online.
  • **Perception of wealth as many other things can be relative. When you say you are hungry, what do you mean? Have you said or heard someone say they are starving? Were you or are they? What is the longest you have gone without eating? If you are reading this chances are that declaration of hunger was not true to the actual sense of the word. I am currently on a fast for a few days. I mentioned this to a nephew while visiting him and he asked if I was Muslim. He could relate fasting to Ramadan as the culture he is in has exposure to that practice. Hunger takes 12-24 hours to truly set in and starvation likely over 3 days. Having previously gone over 4 days without food and experienced some enlightening effects, this current fast is for personal reasons and some of the benefits one gets from fasting. (Broke the last fast with a tangerine that tasted amazing and i could almost feel it as it spread through my body, I am quite excited that tangerines are currently in season)I get that some live in a lifestyle where they see those ‘above’ and think I should have that or at least more than what I have while wholly unable to see how much more they have than the vast majority ‘below’ them. Does this mean you should not say anything? Does this invalidate your complaints? Depending on the scale of comparison then yes. Yes, it does. Definitions should take everything into account. Even if you are poor where you are there is a reason many people are trying to get there and you aren’t leaving to go elsewhere.
  • VIdeo of the post The Truth about the Minimum Wage. I first saw this feeseminars info-mation (Informative animation) while watching The Jason Stapleton Program (which I will highlight in a later post)

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