For The Lack of Trying…

the things we will do.

Things happen, how often do we do them?

As my new year approaches in a few weeks I presently benefit from past knowledge in anticipation of a promising future. Plans are made. Some fail, some succeed. I accept this will likely continue.

With age and experience should come responsibility. We should welcome the growth from childhood and its inherent helplessness. The thought that ones childhood, even a good one, were the best times of ones life is perplexing to me.

Things happen to those that lack agency. Those free of responsibility are bereft of all the consequences, be they positive or negative. The tendency to blame others for any perceived negative situation is often synonymous with requiring others to provide positive ones and then demand accolades for the success. This is a pervasive trait and a potent part of our instinct to form ingroups and outgroups.

As a child, how malleable were you to other peoples will? Now think of those that say their childhood was the best time of their life and truly mean it. How many have choice in their life? Control? Responsibility? Extenuating circumstances exist, no doubt, but control is there to be had. If you do not take it, someone or thing will step in and do so.

The things they will get you to do, for the lack of trying, will not be for you. Why would they? Do you use tools for their benefit or yours? The mental gymnastics we go through to avoid trying, the apparent willingness of some in society to embrace a state of eternal childhood…

I have been there. For the lack of trying. Deceived that effort on my part was not worth the attempt.

The idea of for this post came to me came to me while appreciating the concern that a good friend had over my upcoming plans. She echoed concerns that have been expressed by others. There are potential risks but the rewards outweigh them. I am no longer content to forgo either for the artificial comfort of the lack of trying. If this currently plan doesn’t work, I shall try others.

I encourage you to take responsibility of your life and actions. Things ‘greater’ than us may happen but this does not reduce your actions to nothing. Our very conception was not something we had control over, so the mindset of insurmountable forces being completely responsible for our current predicaments or comforts is self defeating.

You are a Human being.

Your life is a result of human doings.

Try and be the Human doing.

fofor the lack of trying

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