This is Nairobi : Pres-O in Kenya

President Obama is in Nairobi for a day or two. There have preparations going on for weeks. On my regular walk I took a few pictures.

One reason for the post was to give an idea of how such trips cost the millions that are listed. The difference between public and private travelers. Musicians tend to be the ones that travel with large retinues, but they do not end up shutting  down locations in this way. I am not sure if the effect of shutting down roads and business closures is counted in the cost of the trip. Regardless the hope is more profit comes from the losses generated to enable the trip. He is ostensibly in Nairobi to discuss security, investments and business. It will eb good if a net positive is the long term result.

I will touch on this here, Obama is not Kenyan. I can understand some ‘pride’ involved here, but there is a lot of cognitive dissonance. If one is adopted are they of where the birth parent is or of whom raised them. He was raised by his Mother yet she seems somewhat ignored in his being whom he is… a Kenyan could not be president of the United States of America.

I have said this before to me the fact that he is ‘mixed’ is more indicative of America as a Melting pot. Arguably this view is no longer a main selling point. Tip of the hat to the states though, I am not quite sure many other countries would vote in a leader that did not share as close an ancestry with the majority.Thinking about that more, I wonder what percentage of the voting public, regardless of racial makeup, are first or second generation Americans? Cannot be bothered to research that.

Anyway tons of security measures were laid out. Funny how some Nairobians begun calling all the cleaning and sprucing up of the city “Obamacare.” As for the CNN USA claim that Kenya is a Hotbed of Terror… there are issues, but no one is beginning to claim Movie theaters in the states are now shooters favorite ranges. Earlier this week I returned to Westgate mall. I was there 2 days before the attacks and went back 2 days after the opening. Terror attacks happen, recovery has been made, improvements continue. I will take consolation in the improving conditions and pay less mind to the declining  quality of certain ‘news’ outlets.


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