Frederick Douglass : Precscient and Apt

Where justice is denied,
where poverty is enforced,
where ignorance prevails,
and where any one class is
made to feel that society
is an organized conspiracy
to oppress, rob and degenerate them,
neither persons nor property
will be safe.

-Frederick Douglass

I am not going to follow this by much. I may make index cards of this, or some form of digital card, as I can think of many an occasion where handing this out should give people making certain arguments pause.

Well, rational people.

Whom are not so into maintaining certain cognitive dissonance.

The illustration is a series I’ve been working on, more on that later but reread that quote. Think about it. Take it in. Apply it to certain issues and locations. Read it again. Feel the calm roll over you. Begin to wonder why more people have not read or understood this.

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