This is Nairobi : Sexism. Sexism Everywhere.

I was taking one of my daily walks and came across this. I felt It needed to be photographed and cataloged as an example of blatantly targeting women. Why single them out? Why focus on them in this way? Would this be ‘allowed’ to happen in other countries?!?

rantatonne-this-is-nairobi-sexism58ladiesfirstFree AA Kenya Membership?! Are they saying women do not make money? is their money not good enough?? That they can’t fill out membership forms??? This should be given to Men, those drunkards would likely confuse it for Alcoholics Anonymous.

Free annual Spa treatment? Why not Monthly hmmmmmmmm?!

Discounted health treatment at leading Hospitals?!? Not only is this Body shaming but why not ALL hospitals. What is this leading nonsense?!?!? probably some man that decided which are leading.

rantatonne-this-is-nairobi-sexism59ladiesfirstYour facts are sexist. Also #EVERYDAYSEXISM you put eyelashes on the headlight!

Ok. Enough of that, haven’t posted in a bit. Time is flying and I should be flying in about 3 weeks. This post contains pictures from a walk I took a few days ago. Some notes and such included in the pics. Enjoy Nairobi.

Here is the last pic. A Lesbian not being thrashed by angry Kenyans as they are wont to be.

rantatonne-this-is-nairobi-sexism0Lil girl is clearly a lesbian. Why wear a rainbow? No possible way that the rainbow is just a rainbow or has many other meanings besides what is currently touted by some. If it has any connotation locally it would likely still be to the biblical fable of Noah and the Arc if you take into account the local religiosity.

Living in different places leaves one wiht the understanding that symbols change and perception does a lot. It is beneficial to take time to think about what you do  and do not know. Why does X stand for Y here and have no meaning there, even though so and so insists that they hate Y in that place due to something to do with X?

I ramble.

Hope you enjoyed that, thanks

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