This is : 36263 Feet Above Wyoming

I have not posted from several weeks, since my return States-side  whilst catching u and moving about. Currently typing this on a JetBlue flight  Pretty cool that they have WI-Fi on flights now (for your free internet, free advertising to my average 6 readers per post :P). Intuitively makes sense as flights have been sending and receiving signals, it’s just a matter of working which bandwidth the Wi-fi will need.

IMG_3791The reality we live in is quite grand. Day to day, hourly reminders with how it takes minutes to do things that were barely imaginable a decade ago. I thank the few thinkers that were imagining ways to make these things a reality and am anxiously waiting to see what the future holds.

When you look around society, do you think modern information technology has truly been felt?

Regressives and their call for a return to nature? It is all nature, or ‘the Nature’ as the Swedes say. Nature is not the nicest thing. It is not bad either. It just is. Like facts. We on the other hand can be better or worse off. Are we unnatural? Arguably so, though the same things that make us unnatural make us human. Got a vaccine? You are defying nature. Go to the doctor to set a broken arm under sedation? Defying the nature of how your body feels pain and regrows bone. Listening to an MP3? Defying the nature of how those sound-waves are created and transmitted.. Seen these amazing pictures of Pluto and its moon Charon? Defying the nature of how somehtign that far away should not be visible to our freaking amazeballs eyes… I am a fan of using ‘the Nature’ as that specifies that one is often speaking of flora, fauna and the general outdoors. Being the most genetically-modified, nature-manipulating and technology-advancing life forms has benefited us in countless ways. Tech has made us better.

My thoughts are all over the place so time to wind this up.

As a minimalist, I have pared my life down to the bare necessities. With continued growth both professionally and personally I expect to obtain and create more goods. I welcome technological advancements and am more than thankful for what the current advancements have given us.

Oddly enough there is an episode of Star Trek : The Next Generation where a brother and sister are trying to convince the crew that warp engines damage the universe. Haha there were aliens called the Cardassians. When you take in media and other entertainment from years ago are you ever surprised at how heavy handed their social commentary is?

  • Video of the Post : The gift of Nature.

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