“Release, ‘The Slave!” Mentality’

Started my day with some story about a reporter being kicked off of the Cornell campus. I googled his name, Jesse Watters, and came to this.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 09.56.15

Ah, Salon, at least you do not claim to be impartial. Interesting how the same story is handled by different outlets. Perhaps even more interesting is are the comment sections, often predictable with the occasional, oooh what do we have here. I make an effort to hear from more than one source, The Mediaite page had this link – MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry: Don’t say ‘Hard Worker,’ Because it’s offensive to Slaves.


I clicked the story. Seriously. Dafuq. Here is a video of the exchange in question.

“….I feel you, but i just want to pause on one thing”? At first I was all…


I decided this could be a post.

The context she mentioned, comparison of ‘hard work’ referring to Paul Ryan somehow being inappropriate due to Slaves? Then ‘in the context of relative privilege,’ brings in the single mothers. Ms Hyphenated last name anchor, if hard work is somehow reserved for cotton picking work-life balance levels of indentured servitude then most of the modern, developed nation, single mothers you speak of are not working hard either. Healthcare or no.

Unless they are also black, cotton-picking slaves. Which if they were would the 60% plus rate of 2 parent families before emancipation reduce the chance of them even being a single mother? I like to understand things. Why does she say what she says? What about her thinking, prevents me from making sense of the order in which she arranges words?

The inconsistency irks me. Hmm, as she did have a public service spot where she stated “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities,” this may have been par for the course from her. It may be better stated as the consistency of inconsistency of her and other ‘…sives’. Regressives in this case. I get it is television, newstertainment. That they are on the spot and their occasional ‘thought-vomit’ is broadcasted on a much larger scale than your average persons, but still, eww.

Context. It is important.

Without it there is no actual language.

If you set certain rules, definitions, standards, then in the least apply them to your argument in the same manner. I will rant in further detail as to how I see the context. First world problems could be 3rd World Succesess.

context needed

  • If my posts were more image n meme heavy it may increase readership… Lately I have chosen to apologize and bow out certain debates, after stating that though I disagreed vehemently with their stance, I could not find out a way to condense my thoughts into a pill they could swallow and gain understanding from.  Are there things that cannot be memefied or made bite-sized? Are some things simply too complex?(now that’s a post title if i’ve ever seen one, ‘Simply Complex’)
  • Video of the Post: My mind often reacts as Stitch does in this first clip to cognitively dissonant things. Gladly I no longer feel like reacting like Nani does by striking whatever uttered the inanity.

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