Very odd how some deal with single mothers.

This post originated from thoughts about an aspect of the current president of the United States of America. From what I know his biological father was of Kenyan origin. He did not spend much time raising the future president. His mother who was ‘white,’ did. Yet he is ‘black’. Some in America referring to him as their first ‘black’ president.

Is this  an example of whitewashing (or perhaps white-outing) or the abdication of the agency of female humans?

There seem to be correlations I see when discussing other social ailments.

  • Woman gets pregnant; man not present – Dead beat dad. If child has issues it is mostly due to the fathers delinquency. Do not discuss the mothers choice in having said relationship, or influence in raising the child post birth. This is further shown by the tendency to include widows with unmarried and divorced women under the single mother umbrella term.
  • Woman gets pregnant; has an abortion – Her body, her choice. Aggravated assault excepting, do not discuss responsibility of the woman in participating in those sexual relations. Do not discuss that the man’s responsibility exits prior to conception, disperses during gestation and becomes legally enforceable upon birth. It is his genetic material after all, well in most cases.jakejosieThis poster is an example of the pervasiveness of this dichotomy of responsibility. The line on the bottom there, who is being asked to be responsible? I am constantly trying to improve my reading comprehension, and will take responsibility wrong, but does that ‘JOSIE COULD NOT CONSENT’ line insinuate that Jake has abilities that Josie does not?


  • Women underrepresented in certain roles. – In almost all cases there is an onus placed on society to ‘encourage’ women to pursue these roles. What they do was not by choice but due to others acting upon them or not acting to aide them.In politics, do not discuss the cases where the majority of the voters were female. Do not mention the current or past female politicians. In professions do not discuss the ones where females outnumber or out-earn the males. Primary education for example. If seeing someone in certain roles of authority empowers members of similar gender to pursue those roles, then why are the effects of teachers and mothers roundly dismissed in either ‘promoting’ boys to leadership roles or ‘failing’ to encourage girls to do likewise?

That last point, the formative childhood years. I may have mentioned in a previous rant, but the this remains unanswered since 2007 when I first asked during a Women in Philosophy course. If women were relegated to being in charge of the household and children. Whilst the men worked, socialized and came home to be waited on hand and foot. Then why would the mothers, governesses and maids, perpetuate a system that placed males above females. It was during a discussion of life in the Victorian age, but does apply to general cultures and societies.

These are just a few examples, can you think of others?

Do these views stem from a belief that women are innately irresponsible, or incapable of responsibility? I find either to be insulting and discomforting propositions and hope you see them in the same light, be you male or female.

With responsibility comes power. Do not let others have it over you by being responsible for your actions.

Thank you for reading my ramblings. Writing helps me work through some thoughts and if anyone else out there finds value in them, be it an inspiration for thought or ridicule, that is a bonus I welcome.

Feel free to comment below even if it is to point out how completely of base I am.(actually please comment, especially if you can point that out)

Merry Christmas to those that are celebrating and Happy Holidays to one and all.


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