United in States of Denial

I write this on the Eve of the last State of the Union address  that the current president of the United States will give. I may go into this more over this next year but felt the need to express this observation.

History may show this to be one of the worst presidents to have led the executive branch of the US government.

Many people know this innately.

Most of these people are united in different states of denial.

A large number voted for the current president and do not express this sentiment due the fear of being branded as a racists.

A large number voted for the current president and do not express this sentiment due to their being racists.

I am not glad to say this. It may be better if I am proven wrong.


Met this guy at the MET

I have been reticent in stating this due to the ease that people throw around the label of racist. I expressed this observation in the first conversation I had this calendar year with an elderly physician that immigrated from Indonesia. The topics of the conversation varied, but it was a great way to start a year, and I plan on being more forthright as it continues. this is in full knowledge that the reactions are not likely to be similar to that of the gentleman, who took it upon himself to stand up to reach out to shake my hand while pleasantly chuckling.

Admittedly, my ‘racial’ background throws of some label-slingers, but there is the alternative ammo of self-hatred terminology. Which tends to be a projection of how much the slinger adheres to whatever -ism they attempt to brand you with.

They identify you as part of X so if you criticize someone they place in X group, the only way you can do that is by hating yourself. All people they identify as X think should think the same since they personally identify as a certain group and prefer what the members of that group do. So if you don’t, you clearly hate whatever group they place you in.

That’s it for now. This year will be quite something on many fronts, one in particular being the political landscape of the world. The United States Still holds a lot of sway in the world, globalization or not, the upcoming election shall be a frequent topic on this blog. Do any following it realize that Donald Trump hasn’t even started campaigning in earnest? Shall give some observations on this ‘phenomena’ in the next political post.

  • Some Thomas Sowell

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