TUrD : You Keep Using That Word….

Sometime last year, the well known American comedian Jerry Seinfeld, recounted the time his wife told their 14 year old daughter that in a few years she’d want to go to the city to meet boys, to which his daughter claimed was sexist.


He continued by  expressing that many people use words and have no idea what they mean. This is an observation that an increasing number of people have made. I concur.

I’ll use a personal example. I was visiting A and K, in northeastern USA . The 3 off us have known each other for years and I consider it a solid friendship, that lasted through meeting and moving between several continents, in times before they began to date.We were discussing/debating some issues you’d commonly hear if you are aware of the social justice movement in the western political sphere. Pretty sure the wage-gap was a topic. Something led to another when A accused me of being a misogynist.

That word means hate of females.

I was somewhat… put off by the accusation.

I have been and am great friends with K,  clearly they both believed as much or they would not have offered me a place to sleep. Discounting personal evidence he had against making the claim, how could I operate in society in general as a misogynist?

I  expressed as much in as calm a manner as possible. I may have demanded he take back the accusation or provide evidence for it.

Turns out what he meant was closer to that I was disparaging of females.

That didn’t fit either as facts cannot be disparaging, but it’s enough for the present example. Well I was not surprised to the term, I just expected more from the people I was talking to at the time. It’s a familiar tactic, just didn’t expect it here, expected them to use words that mean what they mean.

Is there a chance Social Justice Warriors and the like are just changing definitions of words?

Like, back in the day when the old folk would wonder why all the kids were using ‘bad’ to mean good?

Am I just not hip to it?

…asking if I’m not ‘hip to it’ may have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am in fact not





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