Was it all a Dream?


This may not be the Martin Luther King jr Day post you are looking for.

When is the right time to discuss certain things? How much do you care about who is saying what? What is the relationship of content and character? There is a current movement that I was going to discuss in contrast to Martin Luther King’s,  iconic “I have a dream” speech delivered on August 28, 1963.

The general premise was – Past-good, Current-bad.

Last night, while completing the above illustration ,the ghost left me. What angle would I take on this post. Was that Previous-needed, Current-questionable angle correct?  A quick read of the speech left me unsure if the speech was truly Un-Hashtagable…

I decided to go to bed, possibly dream, wake up, then see what may come.

The following took about an hour.

I read the speech.

I listened to the speech.

I watched “The Truth About Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Why is there apprehension in sharing a video such as this, or offense in hearing it’s content? Understanding of this may also lead to a better understanding of the current Hashtag driven movement.


Are dreams real? They occur and are influenced by reality, but what actually happens in them, is that real? Does that matter? I learn from my dreams. They seem to be a subconscious way our minds try to make sense of our experiences.

After calling it a night with this post, I finished “Ethnic America” by Dr. Thomas Sowell. I was left with a feeling of grateful contentment. I had absorbed new information that I knew would nourish my life. The more fact based over faith based things get the happier I am.

Though I was and still am amazed that the book was published in 1981, I went to bed and did not dream, it made sense.


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