Annoying Sayings : You Have Insulted 1 Billion People

you are having a conversation about what people in a certain group have done. Someone takes offense and feels they need to defend said group with some form of this allusion, “by disparaging what that fraction of people have done you have insulted the entire group.”

So annoying.


Who made you spokesperson for billions of people?

There is a general argumentation here that makes this a doubly annoying statement; which is the claim that it is insulting since you are saying what a fraction does applies to all while stating that the offense taken by a fraction does apply to all. this will have its separate annoying sayings post as it is a rather frequently used and detestable tactic.

To take offense is a personal action. To be offended. Generalizations can be made but reasoning that you being offended means all other you consider part of some group are…this one for all, all for one mentality, how would it look if that action is not offense but physical violence?

The sport of Ice Hockey has rules that allow for some fighting. Upon seeing one of these fights, I comment that those people are acting violent and perhaps the rules should be looked into as to why this is allowed. Someone then says that, most hockey players are not fighting. Most hockey players never fight. This is true, but so is my comment. The number of people that do, the frequency of it, does not change that there are people fighting and rules that allow for it.

There are some related ways often used to further muddy these waters.

If I say something general about people with green eyes and you equate that to something said about chess players, this is a false equivalence.  Chess players have elected to participate in an activity. By following a set of rules and requirements that are relatively well known they choose to self-identify as such. They can in general also stop participating. Green eyes however are innate and not something that can be changed, outside of the superficial means of contact lenses. Again this will likely come up in another post

This annoyance when challenged often leads to the invocation of the No True Scotsman Fallacy, which most definitely needs a separate post.

  • Please leave any occasions when you have been accused of insulting multitudes in the comment section below
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